Strong yet highly affordable weld cleaning machine for stainless steel


InoxPower is designed for occasional entry-level TIG weld cleaning within smaller
production environments.

Use InoxPower for safe & fast WELD CLEANING, PASSIVATION, and MARKING.

As a clean-only version of InoxMUSCLE – InoxPower is equally strong and fast but lacks the electropolishing functionality.

InoxPower benefits both industrial professionals and hobbyists. It serves as an effective weld cleaning solution – without the extra cost.

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InoxPower Weld Cleaning Machine


– What´s the difference?

InoxPower is a slightly modified version of Cougartron InoxMUSCLE – equally effective with TIG weld cleaning but cannot be used for electropolishing.

Unlike InoxMUSCLE – InoxPower can be upgraded for an additional marking functionality.

See more similarities and differences between the machines below:

InoxMuscle Weld Cleaning Machine


– What´s inside?

InoxPower starter pack contains all essential items for successful weld cleaning and passivation. 

Weld cleaning and neutralizing fluids can be ordered separately.


InoxPower can be transformed into an effective marking machine
by using specialized accessories found within the
basic etching set (sold separately).

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