3 Prestigious Hotels that Have Used Stainless Steel in the Most Creative Manner

It is not uncommon to find stainless steels being used by hotels for interior and exterior structures. Stainless steel has been around for over a hundred years, but it is still growing in popularity largely due to the set of impressive and highly desirable characteristics it possesses as a construction material. Even though you can find plenty of hotels that have made good use of stainless steel, there are some prestigious hotels that have come up with extremely clever, incredibly impressive and highly innovative applications for stainless steels. Here are three hotels and their groundbreaking stainless steel creations:

1) Miura Hotel in Czech Republic

This hotel has found a way to use stainless steel in a way that no other hotel in the world has. If you visit Miura Hotel during your stay in the Czech Republic, you will be genuinely surprised and impressed to see a 30 feet high stainless steel statue of a man that is gently pressing against the exterior of the hotel. This is quite a sight to behold and it is definitely a work of stainless steel art that you are not likely to find anywhere else in the world. It goes without saying that the humongous “stainless steel man” is a major tourist attraction and is certainly an outstanding way to market the hotel. The statue is the creation of a sculptor called David Aerny who is very well known around the world for his gigantic installations.

2) The W at New York Times Square

New York City is a place that is full of some of the breathtaking architectural sites that you will ever lay your eyes upon. The W at New York Times Square is an architectural marvel that you should not miss out on when you visit the Big Apple. Believe it or not, the W has an incredible floating stainless steel staircase that is used to guide the guests upstairs to a splendid, extravagant and exquisite dining area. It is one of the rare buildings in the world that uses stainless steel to set a festive mood while exuding a contemporary charm. The stylish decor of this hotel has earned applause from critics and guests around the world.

3) Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago

Donald Trump has to be one of the most controversial figures in the history of America. Some would say that he is no more than a ridiculous joke. Regardless of what you may have to say about this man, his wonderful hotels are anything but a joke. The Trump International Hotel and Tower in the Windy City of Chicago is an extremely impressive work of architecture. Stainless steel and glass has been used to adorn this massive 1,389 feet high hotel. The stainless steel has not only been incorporated into the exterior of the building. It has been properly utilized throughout the estate. You can find innovative applications of this property in countless locations of the property. Trump may be an unstable business person and political figure, but his “more than stable” architects definitely know how to beautify a hotel with stainless steel.

Looking after all this stainless steel

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