Stainless steel | Wednesday, 05 August 2015

The word perforate means to penetrate or create holes. Perforated stainless steel therefore is a stainless steel sheet that has been punched with numerous symmetrical holes to produce a particular, intricate pattern. The patterns on perforated stainless steels are not homogenous. The pattern changes based on the size of the hole, the distance between holes, the way in which the holes have been punched, the shape of the holes and last but not the least, the thickness of the stainless steel sheet that was perforated.

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheets

Perforated stainless steel sheets are very versatile and easy to handle. They are generally made from coil and can have widths of up to 60 inch and can be of any length. The lengths of the perforated stainless steel sheets do not usually exceed 250 inches to ensure that there are no difficulties or complications in shipping the material. One of the reasons why perforated stainless steels are shaped into sheets is because of how the flatness of the material makes the shipping process much easier.

Design of Perforated Stainless Steels

When it comes to the design of perforated steels, it’s the diverse patterns that catch the attention of the consumers. More than 2,000 different patterns of perforations can be created on a stainless steel sheet. In other words, the combinations and permutations are literally endless. With that being said, all the different patterns that you can create on a perforated stainless steel sheet can be broadly categorized into 6 categories. These are:

a) Round Patterns- These can be 60 degrees, 40 degrees or straight.

b) Squared Patterns- These can be staggered or straight.

c) Geometric Patterns- These patterns are mainly characterized by their geometric shapes such as hexagon, pentagon, quadrilateral etc.

d) Slot Patterns- These include the round staggered, the round straight as well as the square straight.

e) Decorative Patterns- Usually shaped in the form of tiles.

f) Modern Patterns- These are patterns developed in the 21st century and include designs such as the round orbit, double checkered, square orbit and the hex orbit.

The Use of Perforated Stainless Steels

One of the most common uses of perforated stainless steel is in the field of architecture. They can be used as sunscreens that act as a filter and control for light. In addition to that, perforated stainless steels can be used as cabinet door infills that enhance the strength without increasing the weight. Similar to door infills, perforated stainless steel can be used as railing infills which add to the structure and lower the mass. When used as column covers, perforated stainless steel can add to the aesthetic appeal and give the architect more room to express his or her creativity. Radiators are fitted in with perforated stainless steel for greater protection as well as for increased ventilation and energy efficiency.

Perforate stainless steel is often considered to be the most versatile decorative metal. You can use it to manufacture light fixtures. Not only does it make the light fixtures more visually appealing but it also improves heat dissemination.

Offices often find great use for perforated stainless steels. For instance, office staples like waste receptacles and reception desks can be easily decorated with stunning designs of perforated stainless steel.

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