(How to) Destroy Germs and Viruses in Industrial Environments

The Coronavirus pandemic has made us all aware of the dangers associated with various types of invisible viral particles.

But what is the best way to protect ourselves and others?

When complete self-isolation is not an option, it is crucial that we shoulder some of the responsibility and properly sanitize all surfaces and objects we touch on a daily basis.

Pathogenic particles spread easily in industrial environments, given the flow of materials, the number of tools used, and the concentration of labor.

Even though today’s focus is on maintaining hand hygiene, an equally effective way to curb the infection is to thoroughly clean all surfaces and objects we are in constant contact with – tools, raw materials, and even finished products.

Among other factors, the challenge is to do this in a safe and cost-effective way – especially in times of economic fragility.

Viral Surface Cleaner from Tuff Hand Our new hygiene brand – serves as a practical solution to this problem.

How does Viral Surface Cleaner help?

Tuff Hand Viral Cleaner is a surfactant-based surface cleaner that can effectively deactivate (or eliminate) viral particles from all waterproof surfaces and prevent them from accumulating (or replicating).

It can be used to clean your tools, equipment, and serves as a perfect cleaning solution for your office, warehouse and production area.

Viral Surface Cleaner is the perfect alternative to any disinfectant and, as such, addresses several major challenges in today’s market:

  1. Despite its effectiveness, it contains only trace amounts of alcohol – and thus preserves this valuable ingredient for use in hospitals and other medical institutions.
  2. Unlike most commercial disinfectants, it is not in short supply and will not run out of stock as quickly.
  3. its double effect formula (cleaning and degreasing) is especially effective in deactivating virus particles, which you can read more about below.

No wonder the world’s largest retailer is using the same solution to protect their staff and sanitize their premises.

  • Inactivates virus particles
  • Easy application
  • Composition – Water-based alkaline
  • Nonflammable
  • Cleaning method – Manual
  • Ready to use formula
  • Use on all water-resistant surfaces – metal, plastics, and coated (varnished wood)

The Effect of Viral Surface Cleaner on viruses

Coronavirus particles can linger on different surfaces for days, especially on stainless steel, which is one of the most commonly used materials in industrial production.

This is just an additional reason to use Viral Surface Cleaner for thorough and frequent cleaning/degreasing of all surfaces in your (production) environment.

But what actually makes the Viral Surface Cleaner so effective in successfully fighting the viruses?

Its formula contains a special fat-dissolving property which abolishes the protective layer (lipid membrane) of viral particles and thus makes them inactive.

The application is quick and easy and can be performed in three steps
1-spray 2-leave to act (20-30sec) 3- wipe off with a cloth

Where to use Tuff Hand Viral Surface Cleaner – and Where Not

Viral Surface Cleaner is suitable for:

✓ Offices

✓ Warehouses

✓ Production areas

✓ Households

✓ Industrial tools and equipment 

✓ Personal and transportation vehicles

Not suitable for:

X Food preparation and processing equipment

X Food storage areas and surfaces

X Hand disinfection

X Direct contact with your skin

Sounds good?

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