Stainless steel | Thursday, 12 February 2015

What is Electrochemical Weld Cleaning? When it comes to industrial or architectural applications, stainless steel is the element of choice due to its corrosion resistance. Stainless steel also has high endurance, can be easily fabricated and requires the least effort in maintenance. The industrial environment in which stainless steel is formed or machined is quite hostile and is not very conducive corrosion resistance. The corrosion usually takes place in the welds. As result of this, pitting and structure failure can take place which would lead to a disaster.

Electrochemical Cleaning

It is thus imperative to treat the surface corrosion of stainless steels. There are a handful of methods of doing this. One these include electrochemical cleaning. Electrochemical cleaning has a working mechanism that is similar to that of Electropolishing. Unlike the electropolishing though, the electrochemical method of cleaning is deemed far more portable, and it can also be applied locally. One would not be wrong in saying that the electrochemical method of cleaning is indeed more advantageous than other methods such as electropolishing, acid cleaning or even mechanical cleaning. When it comes to electrocleaning, you don’t have to deal with the annoying problems of dirt, buffing compounds or excessive noise. In addition to that, the appearance of the steel surface is not changed in the least bit. It is simply restored to its original state of being neat and bright.

Electrochemical cleaning is an essential step in passivating and enhancing corrosion resistance of treated surfaces. Electrochemical cleaning is in a way a very flexible method of cleaning. This is because, electrocleaning can be carried out on the site during installation. It can also be performed as a remedial treatment.

What Happens in a Electrochemical Cleaning Process

In a typical electrocleaning process, you can expect to see an electric current being coupled with a mild electrolyte, to cause the preferential dissolving of surface rust, iron contaminations and various other forms of blots and blemishes. As a result of this, the stainless steel is left surgically clean. Now the current that is being talked about here can either be an AC current or a DC current. The performance of the process and its results vary depending on the type of current that you use. As mentioned before, the electrochemical process causes the steel to be surgically clean. However, it does not scratch, etch or polish the surface in the least bit. Once the cleaning is complete, any non-metallic inclusions are dissolved entirely. These are known to act as pitting initiation sites. As far as the smoothness of the steel surface is concerned, electrochemical cleaning leads to microscopic smoothness. On top of that, the electrocleaning of welds ensures that there is no further build up of contaminants that may facilitate corrosion. With electrochemical weld cleaning, the overall pitting corrosion of the stainless steel is significantly increased.

Electrocleaning Suitable for Welds

Electrochemical cleaning of stainless steel welds is integral to acquiring sufficient corrosion resistance after welding. The heat affected zones require extra electrochemical cleaning. In most cases, the electrochemical cleaning is performed through the electropolishing portable electrocleaning process. Studies suggest that the electrochemical weld cleaning method, when applied to a weld, can restore and even improve the corrosion resistance of the weld.

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