Welding stainless steel is much easier than in the past. Still, there remain plenty of challenges. Maintaining proper care while controlling temperature (heating/cooling) and using the correct filler metals are just a few. Cleaning welds also has its challenges.

Pickling paste is messy, harmful to the environment and to welders. It also requires more time and effort to clean. Sand blasting is another cleaning method but is not a standalone process and still requires additional cleaning using a pickling bath.

Surface corrosion always is a possibility. This is why we developed the Cougartron weld cleaning technology.

The Cougartron weld cleaning technology pays for itself through increased productivity and cost savings. It enhances safety for operators and the environment and reduces the risks and costs of workplace injuries.  It cleans welds quickly, easily and safely to produce a corrosion-resistant surface that meets the requirements of the most demanding industries.

Stainless steel fabricators across the globe trust the Cougartron weld cleaners for their reliable, high-quality results, coupled with speed and ease of use. Learn more by contacting us today!