Stainless steel | Thursday, 21 January 2016

Stainless steel is well known around the world for its impeccable versatility. There are very few materials in the world which have a more diverse range of applications than stainless steel. Back in the early days, stainless steel was mostly used in industrial projects such as the manufacturing of automobile exteriors. With the progress of technology, people came up with innovative ways to introduce stainless steel into the consumer market. This is why you can products such as stainless steel juicers, stainless steel bottles and even stainless steel jewellery which have become incredibly popular among the consumers.

Despite the fact that stainless steel has enjoyed tremendous success in the consumer market, experts believe that the material is best utilized when it plays the leading role in large scale projects. An example of such a project could be a landscaping our outdoor decoration project. Here are four ways in which you can get the best out of stainless steel if you are planning to use it in this manner:

1) Garden Rangehoods

Rangehoods serve as a fantastic centrepiece to an area out in the open. A custom built rangehood complemented by an outdoor kitchen barbeque is the perfect combination. If you can fit in a quality filter in your rangehood, you will be able to stop odour and stains from taking over the area. Stainless steel rangehood can get you exactly what you are hoping for. They may cost you a little more than the other options, but you would enjoy a proper return on your investment.

2) Edge Gardening

Stainless steel edge gardening is a wonderful way to sharpen up your garden and give it a fresh new look. Consider placing contrasting barks and pebbles as they can accentuate the visual appeal of the garden. There are multiple options to choose from when you are considering stainless steel edge gardening. You can use a single sheet of steel that can be bent around the perimeters of the garden bed. This gives your garden a slim, but strong edge. You can also go for the redressing option which basically uses a sheet of steel that has been folded over an existing garden edge. Both the options can do a great job of giving your garden a much needed makeover.

3) Splashbacks

Stainless steel splashbacks can act as the ideal backing for any outdoor barbeque pit or kitchen. A stainless steel splashback against a brick wall gives your garden a contemporary look that others will admire greatly. Stainless steel splashbacks have great durability and are easier to clean. Hence, they are the better option when compared to traditional splashbacks. A stainless steel specialist can prepare a tailor made splashback for your garden.

4) Flue Extensions

With stainless steel flue extensions, you can make sure that the flue fits perfectly to the roof. Often times, you will require to custom fit the flue. Make sure that you get this job done correctly. If the flue extensions are not installed properly, they can lead to unwanted leaks. Make sure that you have purchased flue extensions that are of the perfect size. If you feel that this is going to be too much work for you, then you can always seek the services of
companies that are willing to get the customized job done for you at a reasonable price.