Cougartron product news | Weld cleaning | Wednesday, 23 May 2018

We have always built our weld cleaning machines for industrial workshops that operate on a very tight work schedule and engage in high volume production. The machines provided reliable performance for the heavy and sustained use they receive.

This year we developed the strongest weld cleaner on the marketInoxFURY – this was built for the heaviest of cleaning applications on larger stainless steel (and aluminum) welds and surfaces.

However, what if you only need a portion of that strength? What if you need a weld cleaner just for occasional and simple tasks?

Do you still invest in a strong machine without the actual need and use only part of its potential?

Or maybe you try some of the alternative cleaning methods (despite all the shortcomings)?

This market gap soon became very apparent to our R&D team.

So we started to work on a solution that will provide all the benefits of electrochemical cleaning – but at a fraction of the cost associated with our high-powered machines.

We also needed a weld cleaner to complete and enrich our machine line-up so we can cover the full range of different production situations and requirements – from the simplest to the most difficult.

The result of this process is InoxPower – our new light-duty weld cleaning system for entry-level professionals and hobbyists alike.

How does InoxPower compare with InoxMuscle and our other machines?

Like our other weld cleaners, InoxPower is compact, portable, lightweight, and easily used off- and on-site.

It only weighs 3.7 kg, the same as InoxMuscle.

However the InoxPower is actually a simplified version of InoxMuscle – without the electropolishing functionality.

It is equally strong and effective with cleaning dark and light TIG stainless steel welds.

With the additional purchase of an etching kit, the InoxPower can be used for marking your parts as well.

As a cleaning only machine, it still cleans and passivates stainless steel welds, which gives it exceptional value.

Want to know more?

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