Weld cleaning | Monday, 08 August 2022

Here at Cougartron we are constantly working on offering the best solutions for weld cleaning. And that’s why we have designed this brand-new portable workstation for your weld cleaning setup.

What is a weld cleaning workstation?

Our product development team always strives to design the best weld cleaning gear and accessories. The newest addition to the Cougartron product family is a weld cleaning workstation that works as your mobile workbench.

If you don’t already have a designated area for weld cleaning in your workshop, this is the perfect opportunity. The workstation is specially designed for weld cleaning and its features will make your weld cleaning much easier and simpler.

The features of the workstation include a big stainless steel worktop, an integrated fluid collection system, and an integrated tool holder. We’ve listed the 3 main reasons why the workstation will improve your weld cleaning process below.

3 reasons why a weld cleaning workstation will improve your process

1. A designated area specially designed for weld cleaning

We recommend the workstation for anyone weld cleaning on a regular basis. If someone in your factory or workshop is doing weld cleaning routinely, it is of great value to have a designated area for such an activity. With the workstation being on wheels, you get a flexible and mobile area that is specially designed for weld cleaning.

The smart thing about having a dedicated worktop is that it is made of multi-holed stainless steel – you can put your earth clamp onto the surface and not the item you’re currently weld cleaning. This will improve your process substantially especially if you are weld cleaning many small items where the earth clamp is in the way, and you have to move it from one item to the next. Instead, you can keep the earth clamp in the same position and not worry about it for one second.

2. Cleaning will be easier and faster

You might be familiar with the hassle of cleaning your work area after weld cleaning because of the excess fluid being scattered on your work surface. With this new workstation, the fluid will flow out of your way directly through the stainless steel grid worktop and down a 5L jar. This makes cleaning much easier and faster.

3. All your weld cleaning gear in one place

The workstation is made of acid-proof composite and can support up to 113 kg/249lbs, meaning that it is fully capable of enduring the entire weld cleaning process.

The workstation has a bottom shelf to hold all your equipment including your weld cleaning machine, fluid, automatic fluid feed system – you can use it as a single storing area for all your gear and accessories.

The workstation has an integrated tool holder that provides the perfect place to hang your weld cleaning wand and handle while not using it – this will ensure no short circuit damage to your weld cleaning machine, making the workstation the perfect place for weld cleaning.

How do I get a weld cleaning workstation?

That’s an easy one! Order it online here or get in touch with our EU office on tel. +45 43 46 20 10 or our US office on tel. 404-591-8920. You can also simply fill out our contact form below and we’ll get back to you.


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