Stainless steel | Thursday, 12 May 2016

Climate change is stretching our limits of innovation. It is forcing us to come up with sustainable solutions that will have minimal impact on the environment. Anyone who has had prior experience in the field of sustainability knows how valuable smart solutions are in saving the world and saving people’s money in the near and distant future. One such smart solution that has been garnering plenty of attention as of late is architectural fabric made of stainless steel. This has been billed as an eco-friendly solution for modern, sustainable building projects.

There are many reasons why architects and interior designers have developed a keen interest in this design option. Some of these reasons include the versatility, the functionality and the visual appeal of stainless steel. This type of architectural fabric has the ability to instantly give a space a sense of style and sophistication, which can hardly ever be achieved with traditional design choices. If you need a more convincing argument in favour of using stainless steel architectural fabric, then take a look at the list of properties below:

1) Corrosion Resistance

This is advantage that you will enjoy with every single product that has been crafted with stainless steel. The presence of chromium in stainless steel (which is basically a metal alloy) prevents the inner layers to get oxidized. As a result, a strong resistance to corrosion is built up. This prevents stainless steel from rusting, fading or peeling away. A material that has such a high corrosion resistance is bound to be highly durable. Impressive durability is one of the markets of an ideal sustainable building material. Therefore, as far longevity is concerned, stainless steel certainly fits the bill here.

2) High EOL Recapture Rate

High EOL recapture rate refers to how easily a particular substance can be physically and chemically broken down and transformed into other materials that can be used for different types of applications. These applications may or may not be associated with the original application for the material. When a particular substance has a high EOL recapture rate, it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills. This is high EOL recapture rate is without a shadow of a doubt a clear indicator of an earth friendly and sustainable product. For those of you who are not aware, stainless steel has one of the highest EOL recapture rates among sustainable building materials.
3) Energy Conversation

If you want to slow down the rate of global warming and prevent the ill effects of climate change, then you need to focus on energy conservation. Energy conversation is also needed to make renewable and sustainable energy more affordable. Stainless steel surfaces are known to have a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) value. In other words, these materials are very good at deflecting or reflecting the rays of the sun from a particular area. The reason why this characteristic is so valuable is because it can be used to drastically lower the amount of energy required for air conditioning.

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