Cougartron Unboxing Series Part 5: InoxFURY Weld Cleaner

unboxing inox fury


The fifth installment of our unboxing video series brings a closer look at the contents of the InoxFURY starter set.

Thanks to its exceptional strength, InoxFURY successfully eliminates different types of contamination from all types of stainless steel welds.

In fact, this potent weld cleaner is the most advanced and powerful solution for corroded and heavily oxidized surfaces.

The best part?

Cougartron InoxFURY is 3 times faster than other weld cleaners in its class and provides a safe alternative to some of the traditional yet harmful weld cleaning methods such as chemical pickling and manual grinding.

The video above shows the components of the starter set and provides useful instructions on how to use them properly.

If you want to know more about InoxFURY and its main characteristics, click below for a detailed overview of the machine: