Stainless steel | Monday, 20 July 2015

Why Stainless Steel is Perfect for Street Furniture?

When we talk about furniture, we do not normally include street furniture in the conversation. To some of us, the term “street furniture” may be completely alien, although the items that it signifies are not things that we are unfamiliar with. As a matter of fact, we come across street furniture almost every day when we take to the streets to travel to our desired destinations. So what exactly does street furniture include? Everything from bollards, litter bins, cycle stands, planters and seating that are used to beautify and develop public places and make it more comfortable for the general masses is referred to as street furniture.

Importance of Street Furniture

It is quite easy for us to look down upon street furniture as unnecessary and insignificant objects simply because they are no more than public property and are usually nowhere near as stylish and expensive as the furniture that we crave to place in our own homes. However, contrary to our general perceptions, street furniture is of monumental importance in regenerating towns and cities across the countries. It you want your city to look beautiful, technologically advanced and financially developed, then one of the first things that your authorities should is decorate your city with as many state of the art street furniture as possible.

Problems With Street Furniture

With that being said, authorities are often reluctant to install street furniture throughout the city mainly because of the fact that it is highly vulnerable to wear and tear. When you have furniture out in the open that is being used by numerous people, you can hardly expect it to be as durable as the furniture inside your home. In addition to that, the local city or town authorities often do not have the budget to hire staff for street furniture maintenance. Eventually, the quality of the street furniture begins to depreciate and sooner or later, the objects of beauty that added a touch of glamour to your city soon become antiquated and dilapidated items that are in need of removal.

Stainless Steel for Street Furniture

This is why local authorities need to look towards stainless steel as the solution for this street furniture conundrum. Stainless steel provides maximum resistance to corrosion because of the passive layer of chromium oxide on its surface. As a result of that, furniture made of stainless steel does not corrode even when exposed to hostile outdoor conditions. This is the reason why stainless steel furniture is known to be highly durable and long lasting. Stainless steel also offers great strength and toughness (depending on the grade selected), which makes it a very suitable material for street furniture that is prone to accidental damages. The authorities aren’t expected to have a high budget for street furniture instalment, which is another reason why stainless steel should be the material of choice here because of its relatively low prices. Last but not the least, stainless steel brings aesthetic beauty to the table making street furniture look sophisticated and contemporary.

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