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Get your favorite weld cleaning fluids now in a large bundle together with neutralizers in our Black Friday Special Deal. The bundle contains 4 weld cleaning fluid containers of your choice and 2 containers of the CGT-N5 neutralizer – all with 25% OFF!


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The application of weld cleaning fluids plays a crucial role in the electrolytic weld cleaning process. The fluids are applied to the weld using one of our carbon brushes and provide effective results in combination with all Cougartron weld cleaners.

CGT-550 is a specialized formula for both weld cleaning and polishing. 
CGT-350 is a non-dangerous milder fluid that can be applied only during weld cleaning (not recommended for polishing). Thanks to its milder formula it can also be transported by air.

Neutralizing fluid is used after every weld cleaning session to remove traces of acidity and prevent the appearance of white stains on the surface.

What’s in your Weld Cleaning Small Fluid Bundle?

Pick the fluid of your choice in a bundle with 4 weld cleaning fluid containers and 2 neutralizing fluid containers. 

  • 4x CGT-550 Weld cleaning and polishing fluid 5L
  • 2x CGT-N5 neutralizing fluid 5L
  •  Microfiber cloth

– OR –

  • 4x CGT-350 weld cleaning fluid 5L
  • 2x CGT-N5 neutralizing fluid 5L
  • Microfiber cloth


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