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Browse our latest catalogue now and see our full range of innovative machines & equipment for weld cleaning, etching, and polishing.

Cougartron Product Catalogue 2018 – Download Catalogue

Safety data sheets – MSDS

Download material safety data sheets for products below. Contact us if you need extra help at

Weld cleaning fluids

CGT-N1 Neutralizing Fluid – Download MSDS
CGT-100 Neutralizing and Finishing Fluid - Download MSDS
CGT-550 Weld Cleaning Fluid – Download MSDS
CGT-550G Weld Cleaning Fluid (Gel) - Download MSDS
CGT-350 Weld Cleaning Fluid – Non Dangerous – Download MSDS

Marking fluids

CGT-S1 Marking Fluid for Stainless Steel - Download MSDS
CGT-AL Marking Fluid for Aluminum - Download MSDS
CGT-BR Marking Fluid for Brass - Download MSDS
CGT-MS Marking Fluid for Mild Steel - Download MSDS
CGT-TI Marking Fluid for Titanium - Download MSDS

Data sheets

Find and download user manual for your machine. For additional information contact us at

Cougartron InoxFURY - Download User Manual
Cougartron InoxPower - Download User Manual
Cougartron ProPlus – Download User Manual
Cougartron Plus – Download User Manual
Cougartron InoxMuscle – Download User Manual
Cougartron MK12 Marking Machine – Download User Manual

Customer Case Studies

We help our clients worldwide to improve their production and increase profitability through effective solutions for weld cleaning and marking.

How VM TARM A/S from Denmark uses COUGARTRON PROPLUS to Prevent Production Delays and Clean Stainless Steel Welds Faster

Prior to using ProPlus, the team at VM Tarm a/s has tried several different brands for weld cleaning and passivation. However, the machines frequently broke down causing the production process to suffer unnecessary delays. See how Cougartron ProPlus solved the problem.

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