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Introducing Cougartron FURY 100

Meet the new addition to our most powerful weld cleaning series – Cougartron FURY 100. 

Developing new weld cleaning solutions for our clients and solving their production problems is something we have been striving for since Cougartron was founded.

We made no exception this time either.

Two of our standard models – FURY 200 and Cougartron ProPlus – provided and still provide a wide range of options for cleaning and passivating moderately and heavily contaminated welds and surfaces.

However, it often happens that our customers do not require the full power of the FURY 200 machine (200 Amps) during everyday projects – but still need more than 50 Amps, which is the maximum output power provided by the ProPlus model.

Previously, the only option was to purchase the Cougartron FURY 200 machine without the intention of using its full potential – which in itself does not fully justify the investment.

Our new model – Cougartron FURY 100 – was developed for this very reason.

With its 100 amps of maximum output power, the FURY 100 serves as the perfect intermediate solution between the FURY 200 and the ProPlus model, thus closing the gap in the market and our range.


FURY 100 is an efficient weld cleaning system optimized for fast and safe cleaning of TIG and MIG welds.

The machine operates with a 100% duty cycle and, in addition to cleaning and passivation, can also be used for electropolishing and marking.

It can also be operated at a standard input voltage of 110 V, which adds to its practicality when utilized on job sites with a limited power supply.

FURY 100 has all the characteristics and features of the Cougartron FURY series (FURY 100 & FURY 200):

  • Robust and waterproof machine housing
  • Detachable handle with cable holders and brush drip tray 
  • Strong and puncture-proof wheels for easy transporting
  • Heavy-duty cables with Dinse connectors
  • Acid proof control panel

There are four operating areas in which the capabilities of the FURY 100 machine provide exceptional benefits:

  • Daily and frequent cleaning of TIG welds: this includes all types of thicknesses, from mild oxidation to more severe cases of corrosion.
  • Effective MIG weld cleaning – Includes weaker and stronger contamination – up to 10mm or 3/8 inches.
    (FURY 100 will clean thicker welds, but the cleaning process will be slower, for this use we recommend the Cougartron FURY 200 weld cleaner with enough power to clean the most corroded MIG welds)
  • Electropolishing – The machine is capable of polishing welds and surfaces, making it an ideal investment for small and medium-sized workshops that want to bring their polishing in-house.
  • Metal marking and etching – The marking can be performed with additional equipment – Cougartron Basic Etching Set and Cougartron Marking Fluids. Marking is possible on various types of metal surfaces (e.g. stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and more.) see our marking fluids selection here.

FURY 100 Control Panel Overview

All of the above is possible with the use of different operating modes that are easily changed via a functional user panel. Below, you can see a description for each function and best application for each working mode. 

Button #1 – Controls the weld cleaning functionality (first three clicks for different weld cleaning modes) and the marking functionality (4th click):

·        MODE 1: for lighter TIG welds (20-100amps)

·        MODE 2: cleaning darker TIG and lighter MIG welds (20-100amps)

·        MODE 3: for dark MIG welds (20-100amps)

·        MODE 4:  marking (2-10amps) (Marking can be performed with an additional Cougartron Etching Set – sold separately)

Button #2 – Controls the polishing functionality (first two clicks for different polishing modes) and the etching functionality (3rd click):

·        MODE 1: for polishing after weld cleaning on matte surfaces. (20-100amps)

·        MODE 2: used to further polish welds on already polished parts.  (20-100amps)

MODE 3: etching (2-10amps) (Etching can be performed with an additional Cougartron Etching Set – sold separately)

FURY 100 & Double Brush Set

Use two brushes at the same time for optimal results with the FURY 100


Given its maximum output power of 100 amps, the FURY 100 provides optimal weld cleaning results with the use of two Cougartron FURY 200A weld cleaning brushes.

This is recommended when using the full capacity of the machine (100 Amps) to remove severe cases of weld contamination.

Cleaning of thinner and less-oxidized welds can be done with one brush, but never with output power greater than 80 Amps. This, however, requires the use of additional accessories which you can read more about here.

Using more than two brushes is possible but not recommended. The use of 4 brushes with Quad Brush Set is suitable for surface cleaning only. (not for weld beads)

FURY 100 VS FURY 200

FURY 100 and FURY 200 belong to the same FURY line of Cougartron weld cleaners for stainless steel TIG & MIG welds and surfaces – and both give you the ability to quickly and efficiently remove various types of contamination (rust, corrosion, heat tints) on stainless steel and aluminum after welding.

In the table below you can see the comparison between the two models.