ProPlus Pro Weld Cleaning & Marking Bundle

ProPlus is our most popular weld cleaner designed for effective weld cleaning and polishing of stainless steel TIG and MIG welds. Get it now in a Black Friday Special ProPlus bundle together with additional consumables, a practical marking set, and a multi-use stencil that will turn your weld cleaning machine into a functional marking system.


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Use this fantastic opportunity to get your hands on the full ProPlus starter set combined with additional consumables and a practical marking set.

ProPlus is a strong and effective weld cleaner for all TIG and MIG (up to 5mm) welds. It is designed for everyday use for smaller and larger production environments.

 The bundle also contains our practical  Etching set for marking that will help you turn your ProPlus machine into an efficient system for marking and etching metal surfaces.

What’s in your ProPlus Pro Weld Cleaning & Marking bundle?

  • Cougartron ProPlus weld cleaner starter set
  • CGT-550 – Weld cleaning and polishing fluid – 5L
  • CGT-N5 – Neutralizing Fluid – 5L
  • Superbrush Weld cleaning brush – 10 Pack
  • Basic Etching Set – including all necessary items to turn your ProPlus into a marking machine
  • Multi-use stencil – 60 x 100mm – produced according to your design specifications (Please send your logo and size requirements to sales.nordics@cougartron.com , so we can order the stencil for you as soon as possible.)


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