Cougartron MK12 Marking Machine Bundle

MK12 is a practical, lightweight, and effective marking machine used for flawless results on all types of metal surfaces. Ideal for logos, QR codes, serial numbers, and different types of durable markings on your metal parts, tools, and components. 

Get it now in a special Black Friday Bundle with additional fluids and a multi-use stencil for a great price!


510,00  SANS TAXE


UGS : BF10


The MK12 will help you achieve fast, efficient, and consistent marking results on all types of metal surfaces – now at a fantastic price as part of our exclusive MK12 marking set bundle.

The multi-use stencil is prepared based on the artwork you provide and can be used at least 500 times – you can start marking right away without the need for printers and disposable etching tapes!

What’s in your MK12 Marking Machine Bundle?

  • MK12 marking machine set 
    (Cougartron MK12 machine, Handle w/marking head, a container for electrolyte fluid, clamp, cables, neutralizer – 100ml, stainless marking fluid – 100ml, marking felt x4, yellow fabric 4x, o-ring, carry case)
  • CGT-S1 – Stainless steel marking fluid – 500ml
  • CGT-N5 – Neutralizing Fluid – 500ml
  • Multi-use stencil –  60 x 100mm – produced according to your design specifications (Please send your logo and size requirements to sales.nordics@cougartron.com , so we can order the stencil for you as soon as possible.)



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