Welding stainless steel is much easier than in the past. Still, there remain plenty of challenges.

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Maintaining proper care while controlling temperature (heating/cooling) and using the correct filler metals are just a few. Cleaning welds also has its challenges.

Pickling paste is messy, harmful to the environment and to welders. It also requires more time and effort to clean. Sand blasting is another cleaning method but is not a standalone process and still requires additional cleaning using a pickling bath.

Surface corrosion always is a possibility. This is why we developed the Cougartron weld cleaning technology.

The Cougartron weld cleaning technology pays for itself through increased productivity and cost savings. It enhances safety for operators and the environment and reduces the risks and costs of workplace injuries.  It cleans welds quickly, easily and safely to produce a corrosion-resistant surface that meets the requirements of the most demanding industries.

Stainless steel fabricators across the globe trust the Cougartron weld cleaners for their reliable, high-quality results, coupled with speed and ease of use. Learn more by contacting us today!


All ships need maintenance and repairs. All ships use stainless steel and aluminum as part of the Construction.

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A lot of maintenance is carried out while at sea or in port by ship’s crew. However a large number of repair and maintenance works can only be carried out while the ship is out of commercial operation, in a ship repair yard. Cougartron products provide a fast and safe maintenance solution for marine crews and repair centres around the world.


Corrosion is the most challenging maintenance issue facing the aerospace industry.

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Left unchecked, corrosion will weaken joints and other connections creating the potential for catastrophic failure. Most welding materials contain corrosive agents harmful to aerospace metals. These agents need immediate cleaning.

Cougartron products remove these corrosive materials, making the processes safer and life easier for workers in aerospace applications. Learn more how our products are the best choice for aerospace. Contact us today.


You find stainless steel in just about every food and beverage manufacturing settings. It is the metal of choice for ...

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... for the industry because of its longevity, corrosion resistance and need for optimal hygiene.

However, improper welds and poor cleaning processes will cause problems for this highly regulated industry. Cougartron products used in production maintenance maintain a safe environment, free from contamination. Contact us today and learn more!


Clean and sterile are the keywords of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. The smallest speck of contamination creates ...

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... creates the potential for product failure, financial loss and legal woes. Maintenance of stainless steel equipment requires safe and worry-free cleaning processes.

Many of the world’s largest and most recognized pharmaceutical companies use Cougartron products for their production lines. Find out why they put their trust in Cougartron by contacting us today!


The energy industry and fuel transport industry face unique challenges in meeting the stringent safety and ...

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... and environmental standards associated with:

  • Production of  fuel products
  • Handling and transportation of fuel products.

Where weld integrity, surface integrity and the avoidance of potentially hazardous contaminants is vital, Cougartron offers a fast, safe and flexible maintenance solution.

Learn how our technology is used in oil, gas and nuclear plants around the world. Contact us today!

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We offer flexible weld cleaning and marking solutions for variety of industry sectors.
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