Cougartron InoxFURY Weld Cleaner Starter Set

InoxFURY is a powerful and fast weld cleaning system for larger and heavily oxidized welds.

Use up to 3 brushes* simultaneously to effectively remove rust, oxide scale, heat tints, and discoloration from all weld types.

The machine provides excellent results with:

  • Weld Cleaning
  • Passivation
  • Polishing 

…and can also be used for stainless steel and aluminum marking. **

InoxFURY is capable to clean aluminum and all stainless steel grades – 301, 304, and Duplex included.

Thanks to its puncture-proof wheels and a robust retractable handle – InoxFURY is easily transported and moved on-site.

The system is now equipped with a practical touch-screen dashboard for easier control over the current output and work modes.

FURY is safer and faster than the pickling paste – get it now or contact us for a live demo!

*Our triple brush assembly for InoxFURY has been carefully developed to ensure maximum cleaning effectiveness. 

**Additional marking/etching functionality is achieved by using the Basic etching set. 

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks