Finally, a safe and fast method to clean welds without rust

It’s no secret traditional methods for cleaning stainless steel are slow, hazardous and can wreck the surface. Pickling paste presents several health and environmental hazards. Using abrasives is no less dangerous.
Mechanical cleaning can cause an increased risk of musculoskeletal damage from excessive vibration. So does inhaling nickel and chrome dust while grinding.

Even then, there is no guarantee the stainless surface remains unaltered. Rust is always a possibility. There must be a better way.

Well, now there is.

Introducing Cougartron, the best product for cleaning stainless steel. You may not have heard of the company or
its products before, but you will. Cougartron is a Danish company that developed a consistent, safe and fast
method of cleaning welds on stainless steel and much more.

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