Marking set for weld-cleaning machine

Cougartron Basic Etching Set transforms your Cougartron weld cleaning machine into a powerful marking system for stainless steel and other metal surfaces. The Basic Etching Set is compatible with all Cougartron weld cleaners.


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Main description

Cougartron Basic Etching Set transforms your weld cleaning machine* into a powerful and reliable marking system for stainless steel and other metal surfaces (check our selection of marking fluids for different applications)

Simply replace your weld cleaning brush with a marking head and achieve crisp and permanent marking results.

The Set contains everything you need to get started with the marking process with your Cougartron weld cleaner. (stencils are not included).

The ProPlus weld cleaner has also multiple marking modes:

  • continuous marking (non-stop – also available for other weld cleaners) – ideal for logos and larger designs
  • timer settings: 5, 10- and 15-seconds marking intervals. Suitable for small designs that needs to be marked multiple times (on different parts) and need consistent results in color.

*Our weld cleaners are NOT delivered as part of the set.

Please Note: The Basic etching set is compatible with all Cougartron weld cleaners including ProPlus machines sold from December 2019.



3.055 kg

What's included in the Basic Etching Set?

  • Cougartron Orange Carry Case
  • CGT-S1 Stainless Steel Marking Fluid – 0,5L
  • CGT-N1 Neutralizing Fluid – 0,5L
  • Cougartron Sprayer for Neutralizing Fluid Bottle
  • Cougartron Marking Head with adaptor (WELC4040)
  • White Marking Felt – pack of 10 (WELC4033)
  • Yellow Marking/Etching Fabric – pack of 10 (WELC4026)
  • 2.54cm Masking Tape
  • O-ring – pack of 5 (WELC4002)
  • Microfiber Cloth – 40x40mm



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