Cougartron InoxMuscle Weld Cleaner – Machine Set

Lightweight and effective weld cleaner suitable for weld cleaning and electro-polishing of light and dark stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces. InoxMuscle comes in a practical carrying case for easy on- and off-site use.


2.240,00  excl. Tax



Main description

InoxMuscle is a compact and lightweight (only 3,7kg) electrochemical weld cleaning machine with two operating modes for effective:

  • Weld cleaning & Passivation
  • Surface polishing

InoxMuscle is an ideal weld cleaner for everyday Stainless Steel (1-5mm) TIG jobs – perfect for hobbyists, workshops, factories, and on-site work.
Cleaning and polishing process with InoxMuscle machine is very quick, simple and safe. It is a perfect alternative to pickling or grinding.

Important: Weld Cleaning and Neutralizing fluids are not included in the InoxMuscle Machine Set. They must be purchased separately before you begin working with the machine.



8,5 kg


150mm wide x 310mm 140high x 140mm deep

Power input/output

110V (230V) / 14V, 30 Amps

Application: capabilities of the machine

Weld cleaning, Passivation, Electropolishing

Metal type

Stainless steel

Weld type

TIG – Light and dark

Maximum amount of brushes used at the same time

One (1)


Splash-proof , durable plastic case sealed box


2 Years after registration

Weld cleaning method




We are very satisfied with our machine and have not experienced any problems with it, whatsoever. Before we got the machine we had to use pickling paste, and normally when you use that you have to apply it and then you have to wait for about 15 minutes before you can rinse it off. With this machine we save a lot of time.

Åge Rasmussen - Skibby Jensen A/S (Denmark)

“Loving our new Cougartron InoxMuscle weld cleaning system. No more wire brushing and ruining that nice grained finish!

- McLange Mfg. Stainless Steel Food processing system ( Snohomish, WA

Cougartron InoxMuscle Machine Set Contents:

  • Cougartron InoxMuscle machine
  • Handle Cable (Orange)
  • Earth Cable (Black)
  • Cougartron ‘Powerbrush’ (5 pcs)
  • Twisting Shroud and Wand (for weld cleaning brush)
  • Carry Case
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Power Cable
  • USB with user manual
  • Quick Start Guide

IMPORTANT: Weld cleaning and neutralizing fluids are not included in the InoxMuscle starter kit. They must be purchased separately before you begin working with the machine.



Product Quality

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