Cougartron Wand and Sliding Shroud – Assembly

Wand and the sliding shroud are essential for the optimal performance of the weld cleaning brush. It helps to keep control over the brush length and position applied during the weld cleaning or polishing process. It also helps to prolong the lifetime of the brush.


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Main description

Wand and the sliding shroud are essential for proper functioning of the weld cleaning brush.

The Wand is designed to hold one weld cleaning brush* (that is screwed onto the wand. The other part of the wand connects to the handle cable of the weld cleaning machine.
The Sliding Shroud is used to cover and protect the brush crimp and easily slides over the brush and settles in one spot depending on the brush length. During weld cleaning and polishing process, only the tip of the brush should be uncovered and used for optimal performance.

The parts are sold individually or as a part of the assembly. If any part of the assembly is damaged – we recommend replacing them immediately.

Scroll down to watch a full demonstration video of Sliding Shroud and Wand assembly for one weld cleaning brush.

* the wand and sliding shroud assembly is compatible with:
Cougartron Powerbrush,
Cougartron Superbrush
Cougartron PipeBrush Pro

Important: Cougartron Sliding Shroud will be soon discontinued. We have introduced a newer, better version of the single shroud assembly for even better performance. Please view:

  • Cougartron Wand and Twisting Shroud – WELC2226




0.073 kg

Compatible brush:

WELC3101 - Cougartron Powerbrush, WELC3146 - Cougartron Powerbrush, WELC3131 - Pipebrush



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