Cougartron Power30 Weld Cleaner

The Cougartron Power30 is an effective weld cleaner for all stainless steel TIG welds. This new weld cleaning machine effectively removes all types of weld discolouration with a convenient dual output voltage for two modes of weld cleaning.


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Cougartron Power30 is the newest addition to our range of weld cleaners designed to remove all types of discolouration on stainless steel TIG welds.

With its dual input voltage, you’ll get an advanced auto-select between 110v or 230v input power which is great if you are located in a country with both 110v and 230v power supply (e.g. UK).

The Power30 also has dual output giving you two modes for weld cleaning:

  • Mode 1: lower voltage output for light TIG welds and extended brush life
  • Mode 2: higher voltage output for darker TIG welds or welds with more oxide and an average brush life
  • Marking mode: easy and safe electrochemical marking (the basic marking is purchased separately)

We have also added the latest technology for high-power electronics making the Power30 run cooler with a 100% duty cycle.

Main features of the Power30:

  • Robust and waterproof case for real-life industrial environments
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Total work cable length of 12 meters (using optional extension cables)
  • Can be used for marking (basic marking set is bought separately)

The Cougartron Power30 provides excellent results on stainless steel TIG welds in both smaller and bigger production environments. Thanks to its low weight, the machine can be used both off- and on-site and is easy to carry around due to its built-in handle, and a robust carry case.

Power30 Starter set

The Power30 starter set contains the following items:

  • Cougartron Power30 Basic Machine
  • Acid pot 500ml with lid
  • IEC power lead 1.8M 230V (EU)
  • Cougartron lead with handle 4M, 50A (x-connector)
  • Cougartron transport case – Large (ProPlus & Plus)
  • Cougartron lead with earth clamp 4M, 50A (x-connector)
  • Cougartron microfibre cloth – 40x40cm (black)
  • Cougartron wand/twist shroud set (for 1x M6 brush)
  • Foam insert for WELC2064 (for Plus or ProPlus)
  • Cougartron Powerbrush (M6, 30A) – 10 pack
  • CGT-N5 HyPerformance Neutralising Fluid – 500ml
  • Cougartron sprayer for spray bottle – orange
  • Cougartron brand acid-resistant gloves
  • Cougartron brand safety glasses


Machine weight:

6,51 kg

Starter set weight:

14,05 kg

Machine dimensions:

Height (with handle up): 378mm, width: 220mm, depth: 170mm

Power input:


Application and capabilities of the machine:

Weld cleaning, electrochemical marking

Weld cleaning method:


Metal type:

Stainless steel

Weld type:

TIG – light and dark

Recommended brush type:



2 years after registration


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