Need to clean MIG WELDS?


Cougartron ProPlus Weld Cleaner is the right pick for you.


Need to Etch Stainless Steel?


The Cougartron MK12 Marking Machine is the best choice.


Need to clean TIG WELDS?


Look no further than Cougartron InoxMuscle Weld Cleaner


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Find a product for your need. We offer wide range of innovative weld cleaning machines, spare parts and weld cleaning fluids. Find accessories for your cleaning machines. Etching sets and printers and marking machines.

Revolutionary Cougartron ProPlus Starter Pack. Everything you need to start safe weld cleaning and polishing. The ProPlus is the lightest weld cleaning machine on the market for its power.

  1. Cougartron ProPlus machine
  2. Orange lead with handle
  3. Black lead with clamp
  4. Cougartron 'Powerbrush' brush (10 pcs)
  5. Wand/sliding shroud set
  6. CGT-350 Weld-Cleaning & Polishing Fluid - 1L
  7. CGT-100 Neutralising Fluid - 0,5L
  8. Cougartron microfibre cloth
  9. Cougartron spray-bottle
  10. Cougartron dipping container
  11. USB with user manual and MSDS

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