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Introducing New Weld Cleaning Brush Accessories for Cougartron FURY Weld Cleaner

We have recently upgraded our InoxFURY weld cleaner with a number of new and significant features – from a new user panel to improved electronics.

The new model is called Cougartron FURY 200 and you can find a detailed overview of all its characteristics here.

In this article, we will pay attention to the brand new line of weld cleaning brush accessories that will certainly give you more flexibility and more options when cleaning stainless steel welds and surfaces using the Cougartron FURY 200 machine.


What´s New?

The Most Significant Changes Related to New Cougatron FURY Brush Accessories

  • Choose to clean with 1 to 4 weld cleaning brushes at once

Until the introduction of the new weld cleaning brush accessories, the only correct way to use the FURY 200 weld cleaner was to also use three FURY 200A brushes at the same time with the Cougartron FURY Triple Brush Assembly.

Now, you can utilize one to four brushes to clean with, depending on the nature of the job, the size and type of weld. 

This provides better work efficiency with more precise planning and spending of resources – including weld cleaning consumables such as weld cleaning brushes and fluids.

  • All Brush Sets are Equipped with our Unique Twist Shroud System

The Cougartron twist shroud system also brings a wide range of benefits:

  • Precise control over the brush length during weld cleaning
  • Increased heat resistance (up to 327°C / 620°F)
  • Durability & better protection against brush or brush crimp damage (longer brush life)


An Overview of the New Cougartron Fury Brush Accessories

Now, you can use one to four brushes depending on the nature of the job, the size, and the type of weld.

Please note: All these brush sets are only compatible with the Cougartron FURY 200Amp weld cleaning brush.
(You can use these sets to connect other Cougartron brushes with additional special M6 adapters – you can find them here.)

1. FURY Single Brush Set 

Using the original FURY Triple Brush Set on less oxidized and smaller welds and corners are often counterproductive. For these applications, the use of a single brush is much more convenient.

The Cougartron FURY Single Brush Set allows you to do just that. The set consists of the Cougartron FURY Wand and FURY Twist Shroud for one brush.

I view and shop the single brush set here I

2. FURY Double Brush Set

Thanks to a special wand with a double brush adapter, this set allows utilizing two brushes at the same time with your Cougartron FURY weld cleaner.

Two brushes naturally cover more surface area than a single FURY brush, so we recommend using it for slightly wider welds to be able to clean faster.
However, the FURY Double Brush Set is not suitable for cleaning heavily-oxidized MIG welds, as it can be used at maximum 160 amps. For those occasions, use the Triple Brush Set which can be used up to 200 amps.

The double set is a good all-round solution for various types of welds that do not fall into the heavily-contaminated category.

I See the full Double Brush Set here I

3. FURY Triple Brush Set 

The FURY Triple Set consists of the FURY Wand with a Triple Brush Adapter and a Twist Shroud.  The Set is designed to hold 3 FURY brushes in a circular setting and can be used at 80-200Amps.

Cougartron FURY Triple Brush Assembly was initially developed as the only solution to use with the FURY machine and it is still most recommended and most popular to use on heavily oxidized, wide, and long TIG and MIG welds. The benefits of this set are especially noticeable when cleaning wider welds where you will cover a larger surface area with less movement.

Check out the Triple Brush Set in action in the video below:

I See the Triple Brush Set here I

4. FURY Quad Brush Set 

This set allows you to use four brushes instead of three, thus further increasing your ability to utilize the FURY machine in different production situations.

Using four brushes at the same time allows for wider strokes and greater surface coverage making this set more suitable for treating the surface itself instead of weld beads.

It is therefore highly useful when cleaning stainless steel surfaces.

I Click here to learn more about the FURY Quad Brush Set I

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