Cougartron FURY 100 Weld Cleaner – Starter Set

FURY 100 is a powerful electrolytic weld cleaning system designed to effectively remove all types of contamination from stainless steel welds and surfaces after TIG and MIG welding. The machine can also be used for electropolishing, surface cleaning, and metal marking.


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Cougartron FURY100 is our new addition to the line of FURY weld cleaners – equipped with 100amps of power designed to remove the most severe forms of oxidation after TIG and MIG welding.

The FURY 100 is suitable for:

  • Daily and extensive cleaning of TIG welds
  • MIG weld cleaning (up to 3/8″ thickness)
  • Marking & Etching – Available with the Cougartron Basic Etching Set
  • Electropolishing – Fantastic opportunity to start polishing your parts in-house!

The FURY 100 delivers twice the operating power of our ProPlus machine, making it a great transient solution for applications where 50 amps is not enough for more demanding jobs, and where the full power of the 200 Amps (FURY 200) model is not required.

FURY 100 main features:

  • robust and waterproof case
  • puncture-proof wheels
  • detachable handle with cable holders and drip tray for a weld cleaning brush
  • heavy-duty cables with Dinse connectors
  • acid-proof control panel
  • cleaning with two FURY brushes simultaneously

FURY 100 comes in a standard 230V and 110V input. The 110V  version makes it highly portable and useful in locations where the stronger current input is not available. Despite the lower input voltage, the machine is still capable of cleaning light and dark MIG welds, which makes it a unique weld cleaning solution on the market.

Interested in a FURY100 machine demo? Contact us here.

Note: FURY 100 is best used in combination with two weld cleaning brushes (with the use up to 100amps) allowing you to clean welds twice as fast. Use of one brush is recommended for smaller tig jobs with a power input max.80amp.

It is also possible to use 4 brushes simultaneously, but it is only recommended for surface cleaning (not weld cleaning).


Weight (machine only):

53 lbs

Weight (full set):

133 lbs


14.1'' wide x 24.8'' high x 15'' deep

Power Input:

110-130V AC,15A - WELC1045, (220-240V AC, 9A - WELC1044)

Power Output:

10-16V AC/DC, 100A

Weld Cleaning Method:



Weld Cleaning, Surface Cleaning, Passivation, Electropolishing, Marking & Etching

Metal Type:

Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Weld Type:

TIG - light and dark, MIG - light and dark (up to 3/8 in)

Recommended Brush:

FURY 200A Weld Cleaning Brush

Max. amount of brushes used at once:

1 -4 (depending on the application and weld type)


Splash-proof , durable plastic case sealed box


Yes - detachable handle, side lifting handles, robust wheels


2 years - after registration

FURY 100 Starter Set Contents

  • WELC2577 – Cougartron FURY Handle Cable, orange – 20ft
  • WELC2578 – Cougartron FURY Earth Cable, black – 20ft
  • WELC3149 – Cougartron FURY 200A Brush – 10pack
  • WELC2448 – Cougartron Double Brush Set – with wand and twist shroud (for two FURY brushes)
  • WELC3048 – CGT-550 Weld Cleaning & Polishing Fluid – 1.3Gal
  • WELC3114 – CGT-N5 Neutralizing Fluid – 1.3Gal
  • WELC2005 – Acid Pot with lid – 1Pint (for weld cleaning fluid)
  • WELC2201 – Cougartron spray bottle with sprayer 1Pint (empty) (for neutralizing fluid)
  • WELC2149 – Cougartron microfiber cloth 15 ” x 15 ” (black)
  • WELC5014 – 1Qt Empty Container with lid


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