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A comprehensive guide to Cougartron weld cleaning brushes.

Successful weld cleaning is all about finding the right equipment for your production requirements.

This is becoming more and more difficult given the increasing number of options available on the market.

For example, our product range is constantly expanding with the introduction of new machines, brushes, liquids, and accessories.

So how do you make sense of it all?

We’ve already covered the instructions for choosing the right machine, now it’s time to choose the correct weld cleaning brush for your application.

If you are already using one of our brushes, this guide will help you find out if you have made the right choice.

Cougartron Weld Cleaning Brushes – How to Choose the Right One?

Cougartron brushes are made of durable carbon fiber and come in a variety of sizes – suitable for different production requirements.

Essential Weld Cleaning Brushes

The brush models in this group are most commonly used by our customers and also come included within all weld cleaner machine (or starter) sets. All essential Cougartron brushes are sold in packs of 10 pieces.

Cougartron Powerbrush

Powerbrush is optimized for TIG weld cleaning operations where the power output of 5-30 Amps is employed. This most often involves jobs on less oxidized and low-contaminated welds.

When ordering your brush, you have two types of the brush crimp to choose from – stainless steel and copper. This does not affect their performance but there are a few differences you need to consider.

  • Copper crimp –  is the most popular option with our customers and will perform well during most weld cleaning tasks. Copper itself is an excellent conductor, which makes this type of brush the most effective when it comes to electrolytic weld cleaning.
  • Powerbrush brushes equipped with stainless steel crimp are most suitable for industries where the risk of cross-contamination must be minimized (e.g. nuclear industry). This makes them more expensive than the copper variant.

Compatible weld cleaners: InoxPower, InoxMuscle, Cougartron Plus, Cougartron ProPlus (max. 30 Amps output)

Cougartron Superbrush 

Compared to Cougartron Powerbrush, Superbrush is used during more demanding weld cleaning operations on TIG and MIG welds.

Given this fact, your results with the Superbrush will be most effective if you use it at an output of 30 – 80 Amps.

Compatible weld cleaners: ProPlus (30-50 Amps), InoxFURY (30-80 Amps)

Cougartron FURY 200A Brush

FURY 200A brush is used exclusively with Cougartron FURY models.

You can use three or two FURY 200A brushes simultaneously which further optimizes the speed and effectiveness of your process – on all types of welds. This is achieved by using special Double or Triple FURY brush sets.

The combination of these items allows you to easily clean long and heavily contaminated welds.

Recommended weld cleaner: FURY 100 (80-100 Amps), FURY 200 (80-200 Amps)

Additional Weld Cleaning Brushes

These brushes originally became part of our range as customized solutions for customers facing specific production challenges such as cleaning welds inside pipes and other hard-to-reach areas. All additional brushes are sold individually as 1 piece.

You can also always contact us at if you need a special brush developed according to the requirements of your production.

Cougartron Thunderbrush

Thick brush with a dense fiber structure, used in more demanding weld cleaning operations with 50-80 Amps power output.

Thanks to its design, Thunderbrush delivers fantastic results with a single brush stroke – no need to move it in multiple directions.

Another benefit of Cougartron Thunderbrush is that it can serve as an effective alternative to using two brushes at the same time.

Compatible weld cleaners: ProPlus (50 Amps) and Cougartron FURY (80 Amps)

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Essential Weld Cleaning Brushes

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Additional Weld Cleaning Brushes

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