MK12 Marking machine 110V

Portable and very user-friendly electrochemical marking machine for marking and etching on various types of metal surfaces including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, nickel, and titanium. Ideal for marking logos, serial numbers, product names, QR codes, and other relevant production-related information.


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Main description

  • Are you etching stainless steel?
  • Is your current method too slow?
  • Are you looking for more consistent marking?

We have a solution for you – the Cougartron MK12!
The MK12 is a powerful electrochemical machine for marking and etching of:

  • Product names
  • Part numbers
  • Logos, QR codes

… and other designs onto your metal components.

The MK12 system is quick, safe, and easily operated. This portable metal marking machine is delivered in a smart carry case so you can keep all items together – practical to use off- and on-site.

NOTE: The MK12 machine is delivered in a starter kit that also contains accessories and fluids for electrolytic marking (see the content of the starter kit below).

Please remember:
Stencils and label printers are not included in the set (but sold separately). You can see our recommendations here.

Features & Specifications

Power supply - 110V version

110 V AC, 50/60Hz, 1A

Output Amps


Output Voltage

12 V AC

DC adaptor compatible


Input Cable length


Output Cable length


Marking head options


„The MK12 Marking Machine has several direct advantages. It is very easy to use and provides consistent high-quality results. I recommend MK12 to anyone looking for an electrochemical marking machine“

Jerzy Pyka, CEO - Soda Plus SP.Z.O.O ( Poland)

“Having the MK12 has greatly expanded my company capabilities and provides true branding on all products"

Rick Bishop, Owner - Ricks Welding Service LLC (Baltimore, Maryland)

“We bought it because we thought it was a smart and simple way to get the logo on our frameworks for water treatment systems. We use it primarily on racks for industrial use. It is quick and easy to use and it is an easy way to apply a ‘private label“

Ralf Vinskov, Production & Logistics Production Manager - BWT Denmark

“It's so awesome to be able to etch my own parts with the wicked little MK12 from Cougartron. This thing is capable of so much more than it is intended for! I love low light patina effects on brass, it is a great way to add contrast to a fairly boring material. “

Pete Barnes - (@metalbender_uk on Instagram


MK12 Data Sheet

The data sheet contains a list of items within each set and all important information about the MK12 system.


Product Quality

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