From Cub to Cougar

Cougartron began as a small family business with big ideas and a desire to improve effectiveness and work safety in the metalworking industry.

Years of hard work and our enthusiastic approach to innovation have made us one of the leading suppliers of machinery & equipment for electrochemical weld cleaning, marking, and polishing.

‘From cub to cougar’ describes our path perfectly – we grew together with our clients and made our enterprise a roaring success.


The Power of Innovation

Problems are opportunities. That’s how Cougartron started. As manufacturers, we saw a problem in the industry. Welds on stainless steel were difficult to clean.

Cleaning took too long. Harmful chemicals put welders and the environment at risk. We knew there had to be a better way to clean welds. So, we set out to find it.

The result is our line of weld cleaning machines and related products. Welders around the world now have a safe option for cleaning stainless steel welds and even aluminum welds. It doesn’t matter whether the weld is a TIG or MIG. Cougartron delivers.

We continue to deliver each day. Our research and development team searches for better technology to make weld cleaning faster, safer and economical. We back our machines with one of the best warranties in the industry; and should there be an issue, we resolve it quickly and efficiently by providing prompt service.

The days of harmful, slow and costly weld cleaning is over. Cougartron is here and making the difference you want. Learn more by contacting us today!



Our Mission

We will provide companies in the metalworking industry with the best stainless-steel surface treatment technology available.

This means providing you with processes that are the fastest, safest and most efficient.

We will enable this paradigm shift in order to redefine industry standards in keeping with modern understandings of safety and productivity for your employees.


Our Vision

To be a global leader in stainless steel surface treatments. By constantly going beyond the boundaries of conventional methods we will be relied on by the world market as a source of knowledge, inspiration and innovation.

From Cub
to Cougar

The Power
of Innovation



Our core values

Here are the values you should expect when working with Cougartron

Meet our expert team

Jonathan EdwardsR&D Director

Mark EdwardsSales Director

Scott Edwards Technical Director

Des HoltSales Manager (USA & Canada)

Mitchell Miller

Mitchell MillerSales Representative (USA)

Michael Rasmussen

Michael RasmussenKey Account Manager

Sofus Hegelund

Sofus HegelundKey Account Manager

Charmaine De Bruijne

Charmaine De BruijneMarketing Manager

Illia Repnikov

Illia RepnikovWarehouse Manager

Ludy Masangkay

Ludy MasangkayPurchaser

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Anna PustkowskaKey Account Manager

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Therese OpeñaAdministrative Assistant (USA)

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Jane Kristine AparecioAdministrative Assistant

Micole Dupaya

Micole DupayaAdministrative Assistant