Cougartron MK12 Marking Machine Set

  • Are you etching stainless steel?
  • Is your current method too slow?
  • Are you looking for more consistent marking?

We have a solution for you – the Cougartron MK12! The MK12 is a powerful electrochemical machine for marking and etching of: 

  • Product names
  • Part numbers 
  • Logos and QR codes

…onto all your metal components.

The MK12 system is quick, safe and very easy to use. This portable metal marking and etching machine is delivered in a smart carry case so you can keep it all together – practical to use off- and on-site.

NOTE: The MK12 machine is delivered as part of a kit that also contains accessories and consumables for proper electrolytic marking (see the content of the starter kit below). However, marking/etching stencils and label printers are not included within the set but sold separately. You can see our recommendations here