Flexible wand (1x M6 brush)

New flexible wand for weld cleaning brushes. A perfect solution to cleaning outside and inside pipes, corners, and hard-to-reach areas. This wand allows you to position the brush at any angle thanks to its flexible rubber-coated shaft.


$209.00 excl. Tax




Angle your weld cleaning brush to access corners, inside pipes, and other hard-to-reach areas with the Flexible (multi-angle) Brush Wand from Cougartron. This wand can rotate 180 degrees in both directions and can be positioned exactly the way you need it.

Thanks to its durable rubber-coated neck, the wand will keep the brush in a fixed, secure position without moving during the cleaning.
The wand is compatible with the standard Cougartron handle cable.

The wand can be used with any Cougartron weld cleaner with power settings at maximum of 80 amps. 

Tip: This product does not have any compatible shroud, which means that the brush threads won´t be secured during the cleaning. For this reason, we recommend that you use a shorter brush with this product. You can either use one of your used Cougartron brushes or cut a brand new brush in half.

Watch the video below demonstrating the Flexible brush wand.

*weld cleaning brush is not part of the product and needs to be purchased separately.

Features & Specifications


100 gram


Brass, rubber-coat

Compatible Cougartron Brush:

Cougartron Powerbrush, Cougartron Superbrush



Product Quality

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