ProPlus Weld-cleaner 110V

Efficient and strong weld cleaner for all TIG and MIG (0.03”-0.19”) stainless steel welds. The machine enables electrochemical cleaning, passivation, polishing, and marking of the metal surface, which makes it safer and more convenient than harmful pickling and manual grinding. Delivered in a practical set with all accessories to get started with weld cleaning and polishing.

Set contents:

Basic Set: Machine unit without consumables
Starter Set A: Machine unit with consumables for weld cleaning and polishing
Starter Set B: Starter Set A plus Standard marking set
Starter Set C: Starter Set A plus Advanced marking set


$4,790.00$6,270.00 excl. Tax



Main description

Cougartron ProPlus delivers a unique solution for customers needing high-performance, reliable and portable machine that delivers superior results with:

  • weld cleaning (TIG and MIG)
  • surface and weld polishing
  • marking and etching*

The ProPlus machine is portable, easy to use, and puts on a stellar weld cleaning performance every time! ProPlus can be used for everyday cleaning of (0.03”-0.39”) TIG and (0.03”-0.19”) MIG stainless steel welds.

Its power and reliability are owed to CougarSense – Cougartron’s proprietary technology that combines the digital system and hardware in an optimal way to deliver:

  • Superior 300°C cleaning performance compared to traditional low-powered 100° C weld cleaners equipped with felt fabric or cloth pads instead of carbon cleaning brushes
  • Intelligent electronics for consistent power and uninterrupted production
  • Unique touch-control user interface/power readout for user-friendly experience and faster machine operation

ProPlus machine is delivered in a starter set with all the fluids and accessories you need to get started with cleaning right away.

Using extension cables: you can use the machine as much as 52 feet away from the power source. ProPlus is suitable for both on-and-off site use. The extension leads (WELC2120 or WELC2122) are sold separately.

*In order to use your ProPlus machine for marking, you must equip it with
– Cougartron Basic Etching set (WELC4045)
– or the Etching Set with Footwsitch (WELC4035) – only for older ProPlus model (sold before December 2019)

Features & Specifications

Power supply: 110V version

110 V AC, 50/60Hz, 8A

Weld-cleaning: Amp range

5-50A, 5A increments

Weld-cleaning: Voltage range

14 V AC

Polishing: Amp range

5-50A, 5A increments

Polishing: Voltage range

14 V DC

Marking: Amp range

2-10A, 2A increments

Marking: Voltage range

14 V AC

Duty cycle


Detachable handle


Power Supply Chord Length


Output cable length


Output cable Size

0.015 in2

Brush holder options


Fluid feed compatible


Size (machine only)

W9, H13, D7

Enclosure protection




“This machine works great. We have never used one before that cleans weld so fast. Perfect finish”

Richard Perales - (

“Once we got the Cougartron machine it put us in a different market as we were able to have documentation that it was a form of passivation. I could walk into a pharmaceutical company and do in-house passivation and give them a report for their files that the FDA needs and it saves a whole lot of time. "

John Espinos

“Cougartron ProPlus weld cleaners reliably do all jobs, even during intensive exploitation”

- REX-POL, Poland

“The Cougartron ProPlus is really easy and fast to use with a short learning curve, some basic safety precautions and it is very user friendly.”

Cathal Mc Carthy, Sculptor - ( Ireland

“We are using Cougartron ProPlus daily and we are extremely satisfied with the performance and results. We only wish that more Cougartron machines are around so we can use them simultaneously”

Flemming K. Blacksmith - VM Tarm a/s, Denmark

“I am happy with machine, what impressed me most was that it does electro polishing. We use it about every other day for small projects.

Dan - Astro Machine (Pennsylvania, USA)

“I am very happy with his Cougartron ProPlus machine, works way better than pickling paste”

Jamie - Dale Brisco Inc (California, USA)

“ Cleaning welds today for the first time with the Cougartron weld cleaner. This thing kicks ass can’t wait to use it on all the upcoming projects. Perfect for the tight to reach spots where conventional abrasives have a hard time reaching. Plus passivation polishing and etching!”

J.Steinberg, Welder, (Northern California)



The data sheet contains a list of items within each set and all important information about the ProPlus system.


Product Quality

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