High-performing weld cleaning machine for passivation, polishing, and metal marking

Are you looking for a reliable and high-performing machine to clean your TIG & MIG welds? Look no further!

Cougartron ProPlus delivers superior results when it comes to weld cleaning and a plethora of other tasks:

  • Passivation
  • Surface and weld polishing
  • Marking and etching (possible with the basic etching set which can be bought separately)

ProPlus – Quick and safe surface passivation

With the ProPlus you’ll get a highly reliable machine that can take care of all types of oxidization, rust, and contamination. It provides highly-effective cleaning at approx. 600° F, which is a significant boost compared to traditional low-powered 200° F weld cleaners.

ProPlus will clean your welds quickly and easily – with little to no effort. When dealing with heavier contamination, simply run your brush over the workpiece in a circular motion until it’s completely clean.

Electrochemical weld cleaning also re-passivates the surface after welding, thereby minimizing the risk of corrosion and rust in the future.

No more pickling paste or grinding

Many industry professionals still resort to wire brushes and pickling paste for weld cleaning due to these methods being traditionally used in absence of better alternatives. With Cougartron ProPlus and our other systems, you’ll get a machine that is not only safer but also extremely fast and effective. 

The ProPlus eliminates all contamination effectively while simultaneously passivating the surface – something that is quite foreign to other weld cleaning methods.

Electrochemical weld cleaning efficiently replaces messy grinders and harmful pickling chemicals and thereby increases and improves work safety for hundreds of thousands of weld cleaning professionals worldwide.

Who is it for?

The ProPlus is extremely durable and cleans all types of contamination on stainless steel efficiently and effectively.

The machine is useful in different production scenarios – one of them being regular cleaning of smaller welds and components in your workshop or factory (5-15 hours a week or even more). With proper care and maintenance, ProPlus can also endure long work hours without experiencing overload issues thanks to its 100% duty cycle.

ProPlus is a great asset for every company dealing with welding and related types of stainless steel fabrication.  It gives you the ability to bring your weld cleaning in-house and, alternatively, offer superior cleaning and passivation service to your clients.

The machine is fully portable and can be used by anyone with little training, unlike the pickling paste which requires permits and in-depth know-how due to its harmful effect on human health and the environment.

Read more about how one of our biggest customers in Europe benefits from the ProPlus here.

For high-volume applications, we recommend FURY200 – the strongest electrolytic weld cleaner on the market.

What does the ProPlus do?

The ProPlus is a strong weld cleaner effective with all TIG and MIG (1-5mm) stainless steel welds. It can also be used on aluminum to remove the black soot often appearing after MIG welding.

ProPlus delivers excellent results with weld cleaning, passivation, polishing, and metal marking.

The machine runs on 5-50 amps of output power and can be adjusted manually. We recommend the following settings for weld cleaning:

  • 05-30 amps for thin material and light discoloration
  • 30-40 amps for normal tig welds and mild discoloration
  • 40-50 amps for thick material and heavy discoloration


Flexible, fast, and easy weld cleaning for anyone working with stainless steel components

We started developing ProPlus after we noticed a growing need for a potent yet portable weld cleaning machine that can be used anywhere in our customers’ production facilities.

The ProPlus is a small and portable unit you can easily move around for practicality or use within a designated area in your workshop – it works both ways.

With its 50 amps of output power, it cleans stainless steel and aluminum welds at up to 600° F and successfully eliminates all types of corrosion, oxidation, and cases of rust.

Want to see ProPlus in action?

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