Mobile equipment stand

Cougartron mobile equipment stand is our new accessory for your weld cleaner designed to increase the flexibility and practicality of your work process. It is easily moved around your workshop and holds everything from your machine to spare parts, cables, and consumables.


$730.00 excl. Tax




The new column-shaped equipment stand is a must-have accessory for your weld cleaner.

It serves as both a storing area for your machine unit and consumables and a mobile workstation that you can easily move around your workshop when working on different projects.

Your machine conveniently sits on the top of the stand well within your arm’s reach for easier control and handling. The sides are reserved for different types of consumables, work cables, and brushes.

  • The front side contains a pocket for the neutralizer spray bottle, brush holder, and an acid pot used to collect the excess fluid.
  • The right side of the stand contains a cable holder and an area for your FL10 fluid feed system (optional).
  • The back side is equipped with a sizeable storage area to hold 2x 5 liters of fluids (neutralizing and weld cleaning electrolytes) or one 5L fluid container together with consumables and spare parts of your choice
  • The left side contains a power-in socket and a spare socket to use at your will.

The machine is held firmly in place using two clips on top of the stand – the setup is compatible with our ProPlus, Power30, Power30x, InoxPower*, and InoxMuscle* models.

Moving the equipment stand within your production area is quite easy and practical thanks to robust acid-proof wheels that move in all directions.


Features & Specifications


13,8 kg

Weight load per shelf:

10 kg

Max. DImensions:

Height 795mm, Depth 355mm, Width 445mm


Product Quality

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