Fury200XF Weld-cleaner 230V

Introducing the Cougartron FURY 200XF Weld Cleaner – a powerful machine designed to make weld-cleaning and passivation up to 50% faster while improving safety and convenience. This machine is equipped with a fully integrated fluid feed system and is designed to take the heavy lifting out of large and challenging jobs. It works effectively on all types of stainless-steel weld oxide, rust & discolouration, leaving attractive corrosion-resistant surfaces.

Set contents:

Basic Set: Machine unit without consumables
Starter Set A: Machine unit with consumables for weld cleaning and polishing
Starter Set B: Starter Set A plus Standard marking set
Starter Set C: Starter Set A plus Advanced marking set


$10,340.00$12,870.00 excl. Tax




The Fury200XF has a 1-liter weld-cleaning fluid tank integrated in the front of the machine, a smart integrated pump, and technology that adjusts the flow of fluid based on the power drawn while cleaning or polishing. The fluid is pumped through a hose built into the work lead and handle to reach a re-designed wand and brush-holder, which then delivers the fluid right where it’s needed at the cleaning zone.

Plus, it comes with a 6-meter work lead and earth lead as standard. The fluid control system gives you three different settings to choose from depending on your preference as the operator.

It also has a handy priming and rinsing feature to make sure it starts and ends the day with clean & without any leftover residue. So, it’s user-friendly and efficient, making your work much easier!

The machine provides excellent results with:

  • Weld Cleaning
  • Passivation
  • Polishing
  • Marking & Etching*

This machine is great at cleaning & passivating all kinds of stainless TIG and MIG welds. It’s built tough and even has big rubber wheels, making it easy to move around.

No more pickling paste and those tiring and time-consuming grinding/brushing tasks. The FURY 200XF offers superior speed and safety compared to grinding or brushing by leaving surfaces smoother and more corrosion-resistant. We invite you to join the Furevolution!

It is safer and faster than the pickling paste – get it now or contact us for a live demo!

*Additional marking functionality on a wide range of metal surfaces is achieved by using the Cougartron Basic Etching Set (WELC4045).
The Set includes accessories that will transform the FURY weld cleaner into a marking machine.

Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks

Features & Specifications

Power supply: 230V version

240 V AC, 50/60Hz, 16A

Weld-cleaning: Amp range

20-200A, 20A increments

Weld-cleaning: Voltage range

10-16 V AC

Polishing: Amp range

20-200A, 20A increments

Polishing: Voltage range

10-12V DC

Marking: Amp range

2-10A, 2A increments

Marking: Voltage range

12 V AC

Duty cycle


Detachable handle


Power Supply Chord Length


Output cable length


Output cable Size

0.054 in2

Brush holder options


Fluid feed compatible

Fully integrated


15Wx13Lx25H (machine only) 15Wx13Lx46H (with Handle attached)

Enclosure protection




FURY 200XF Data Sheet

The data sheet contains a list of items within each set and all important information about the FURY 200XF system.


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