Metal marking made safe and easy

Electrolytic marking is a simple and easy process for marking metal surfaces. With the Cougartron MK12, you’ll have a practical and easy-to-use marking machine at your disposal.

The MK12 can be used on various types of metals with the help of different electrolytic fluids:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Mild steel
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Brass

Mark your logo, serial number, product name, or QR-code on metal surfaces

Marking with the MK12 is safe and simple – mild electrolytic fluids and a weak electrical current are used for clear and permanent results. The machine uses alternating current and an electrolyte to mark conductive metal surfaces.

Use the MK12 to permanently mark logos, QR codes, or custom-made artwork on your products, production equipment, knives, or any other item. Your imagination is the only limit!

The MK12 marking machine is quick, safe, and easy to operate. It comes delivered in a smart carry case which makes it very portable and practical for use on and off-site.

Who is it for?

The MK12 can be used by anyone – from hobbyists to production companies marking their logo onto products prior to sending them to customers.

The machine is of great use for many manufacturing companies in their factories. Marking production equipment for traceability is just one example.

The MK12 can also be used to mark vital information onto highly specialized equipment for the safety of the operators, the date of the last inspection, or to document the eligibility of the metal parts used in the production (e.g. highly relevant to food and pharma productions).

In case your production requirements do not include a specialized marking machine, you can also use one of our weld cleaners – ProPlus and FURY200 – to mark a variety of metal surfaces. This is achieved by utilizing the contents of the Basic Etching Set (sold separately).

What does the MK12 do?

The MK12 enables you to mark just about any text or logo onto almost any metal surface using either a custom-made, reusable stencil or stencils that you print and design yourself on a stencil printer (can be bought separately).

The Cougartron MK12 starter set contains a machine unit and a handstamp with a felt pad which, after being wetted with electrolyte fluid, is applied to the stencil placed on the metal surface.

The MK12 has a manual marking mode and a timer mode. The timer setting is adjustable between 0 to 10 seconds and is used for very small marks where you want repeatability and consistent color over many marks.

Marking with MK12

User-friendly metal marking machine for any purpose

The machine is very user-friendly, and you’ll get the hang of it within a very short time.

With its 110V input power, it delivers permanent metal marks quickly, safely, and easily – every time.

Want to see MK12 in action?

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