Marking & Etching | Tuesday, 19 December 2023

catalytic converter etching

With hundreds of thousands of reported catalytic converter thefts each year, it is crucial to mitigate the risks of property loss and stay on the right side of the law.

VIN code etching serves as a great initial step in that direction—for vehicle owners, car dealers, and auto mechanic workshops.

This post delves into the practical and legal reasons behind this recommendation and introduces our new package deal as an ideal and cost-effective solution.

The Importance of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a distinctive 17-character code assigned to motor vehicles during production. This VIN code acts as your car’s fingerprint, remaining consistent throughout its lifetime. Consequently, it serves a multitude of purposes, ranging from ensuring regulatory compliance to facilitating vehicle history checks and supporting anti-theft measures.

Marking the VIN code on various car components offers a range of benefits, from deterring theft to improving traceability and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

We’ll discuss this in more detail below, with a focus on catalytic converter etching.

Practical Benefits of Catalytic Converter Etching and Marking

Car thefts, especially those involving catalytic converters, pose a growing and expensive issue affecting an increasing number of vehicle owners each year.

Serving as vital vehicle emission control devices, catalytic converters are used to curb the release of harmful pollutants by breaking down their chemical structure, thereby reducing their negative impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, these converters are prime targets for car thieves due to their accessibility and the presence of valuable metals. In the past year alone, 153,000 catalytic converters were stolen.

A cost-effective alternative is catalytic converter etching.

VIN etching on catalytic converters serves as a proactive measure to prevent theft, enhance traceability, and contribute to the overall safety and security of vehicles. It also brings several distinguished practical and legal benefits.

Here are a few to consider:

  • Deterrence of Theft: VIN etching acts as a deterrent to thieves, making it more challenging for them to sell stolen catalytic converters, as the marked parts can be easily identified.
  • Traceability: If a catalytic converter is stolen, the etched VIN provides a traceable identifier. Law enforcement agencies can use this information to track and recover stolen components.
  • Insurance Assistance: VIN etching can assist in insurance claims by providing additional proof of ownership for the catalytic converter. This documentation can streamline the claims process.
  • Resale Value: Vehicles with VIN-etched catalytic converters may have enhanced resale value. Buyers often appreciate the added security and traceability associated with marked components.
  • Law Enforcement Support: The marked VIN on a catalytic converter assists law enforcement in identifying stolen parts, aiding in the prosecution of thieves and dismantlers involved in the illegal trade.
  • Community Safety: Widespread adoption of VIN etching in a community can create a deterrent effect, making it less attractive for thieves to target vehicles in that area.
  • Environmental Impact: Preventing catalytic converter theft through VIN etching contributes to environmental conservation by reducing the illegal trade of precious metals and the need for replacement parts.
  • Consumer Confidence: VIN-etched catalytic converters can instill confidence in vehicle owners, knowing that they have taken proactive measures to protect their vehicle and its components.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In some regions, VIN etching on catalytic converters may be encouraged or required to meet certain regulatory standards or environmental initiatives.
  • Easy Identification: In the event of an accident or other incidents, emergency responders and auto repair professionals can easily identify and verify the ownership of the catalytic converter through the etched VIN.

Due to the spiking trend in catalytic converter thefts, authorities have been forced to enact stricter laws and measures. This naturally differs among various jurisdictions, but one of the regulations that has been prominently discussed recently pertains to the etching of VIN codes onto catalytic converters.

For instance, beginning in 2024, new legislation in California will require catalytic converters to bear the corresponding VIN code for proper identification. This is not without cause; the state is accountable for 37% of the US catalytic converter thefts annually, making it a priority to effectively address the issue.

Considering the available data and the growing problem of converter thefts, it is anticipated that stricter laws will be implemented in each state—an aspect for which all car dealers and shops should be prepared.

Introducing the Cougartron Catalytic Converter Etching Deal

To help address challenges related to successful converter etching, we’re excited to offer a fantastic deal for all vehicle owners, car dealers, and shops alike.

The Catalytic Converter Package comprises all the essential items for effectively etching the VIN code on your converter, and it comes with a significant discount.

The package deal includes:

  • MK12 Marking Machine Set – A practical, lightweight, and fast etching machine harnessing the power of electrolysis to deliver sharp and consistent results on various metal surfaces.

  • Brother D610BT Printer – A dependable and compact label printer designed for producing disposable etching stencils.
  • 1” Stencil Tape cassette – Utilized in combination with the printer for the production of stencils.
  • 500 ml of CGT-S1 – An etching fluid featuring a carefully developed formula, particularly effective on stainless steel.
  • 500ml of CGT-N5 – An effective neutralizing fluid used after etching to guarantee the pH neutrality of the surface.

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