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CougarSense - The Technology Powering our Weld Cleaners

Cougartron’s machines are widely recognized for their performance and results with stainless steel weld cleaning but we rarely have the chance to refer to the technology that powers them. CougarSense is an innovative CPU-based power control technology developed by our team to counter limitations of analogue weld cleaning systems.

Improved weld cleaning experience

Analogue systems provided solid weld cleaning results but they were quite limiting when it comes to delicate and demanding tasks.

The output power could not be adjusted by the user which meant that a single operational mode had to be used for all applications.

The central processing unit (CPU) gave us the ability to precisely and accurately control the electrical current being sent to the weld cleaning brush.

This increased the work flexibility and improved the overall weld cleaning experience.

Digital control and "safety first" approach

Digital control over the electrical output has enabled us to come up with a bullet-proof safety system for both protecting the user and saving internal components of our machines.

Safety is one of the priorities for our team when developing new technologies and equipment.

Several temperature sensors placed within the machines are tracked and monitored by the central control system. Above a certain temperature, the machine will go into standby mode to protect any wires from melting, or other components getting damaged.

To double down on the safety measures, we included both the digital and the analog surge protection. Naturally, the digital anti-surge system is far more reliable, effective, and quicker to react in case of malfunction. 

Future plans for the technology

The CPU is upgradable and gives us the option to constantly improve the performance of the machines.

Direct connection between the control panel and PC is the next natural step forward – with easier software updates and more detailed analytics being the most prominent benefits.

If you want to learn more about CougarSense and our weld cleaning technology, contact us anytime – we are always happy to help.

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