Cougartron company news | Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Cougartron Delivers Breakthrough in Stainless Steel Maintenance

Cougartron is proud to introduce a breakthrough in stainless steel cleaning, polishing and etching: the Cougartron ProPlus for Stainless Steel.

The ProPlus’ CougarSense Technology delivers ultra-powerful “pulses” to the unit’s cleaning brush. When combined with Cougartron’s proprietary safe cleaning fluids/gels, the ProPlus cleans and polishes stainless steel welds and surfaces with remarkable speed, efficiency and safety.

Cougartron was founded in 2012 specifically to deliver innovations like this. The ProPlus’ advantages are significant:

  • Faster, more powerful and more reliablethan other brush machines
  • Faster than sock machines, with superior accessibility
  • Passivates immediately with no stain, unlike using pickling paste
  • Outperforms abrasives– no rust, vibration or metal dust

One look at the ProPlus reveals how it’s different and better:

  • No. 1 size/power ratio: 32cm tall; 7.2 kilos; 300°C brush compared to 100°C for traditional sock machines
  • Intelligent electronics: consistent power and uninterrupted production
  • Unique touch-controluser interface/readout: easier and faster
  • Self-protectionagainst surges and overheating
  • Superior safety, easier transport, sharp appearance

Cougartron is a Danish metal equipment supply company founded by an expert team with deep roots in the stainless steel industry and contacts with thousands of fabricators – and they created Cougartron specifically to improve on traditional weld-cleaning technology and to provide far superior service and technical support than competitors.

Cougartron executives and technologists are available to discuss the company, ProPlus technologies and the stainless steel equipment marketplace in general. We welcome inquiries from potential clients, distributors and the media.