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Benefits of using NSF certified products in food production

If you’re in the food production industry you most likely have heard about NSF – The National Sanitation Foundation. The little round and blue NSF certification mark is your assurance that the product you are using in your production is tested and approved by an independent certification organization.

In this article we’ll guide you through the benefits of buying and using NSF certified products for your food production.

What is NSF certification?

NSF is dedicated to developing public health standards and certification programs that help protect the world’s food, water, and consumer products.

This means that if you see a small, round, and blue mark with NSF written, you’ll know that the product you are buying is safe.

Not only consumer products are NSF certified. Raw materials and materials used for items in food contact during production can be certified as well.

What does NSF mean for the food production industry?

If you’re in the food production industry the NSF certification mark is your insurance that your equipment and materials in production live up to industry standards and regulations since these are often set based on current NSF standards.

Most food production companies take their responsibility serious and know the importance of consumer’s trust and using products that are NSF certified ensures that the customers are safe.

What are the benefits of using NSF certified products in food production?

The question as to why it benefits your food production to choose NSF certified product should be relatively simple to answer. Its’s first and foremost to ensure the safety of your consumers.

There are several other benefits though, that are not as obvious as the above mentioned:

  • Your consumers have confidence and trust in your brand
  • You have peace of mind knowing the products you use are certified and approved by an independent organization
  • You have proof that your operation is in adherence with food safety regulations
  • Your production will gain increased credibility
  • You’ll have guarantee that the food you produce is free of harmful chemicals
  • You can use the NSF certificate as positive brand exposure and distinguish your production from competitors

How is stainless steel in the food production industry handled?

You’ll find stainless steel in just about every food production facility. It’s widely used due to its longevity, corrosion resistance and the food production’s need for optimal hygiene.

But the stainless steel you’ll find in food production facilities has undergone different phases of production before it’s used for food production. This includes cutting and welding – both processes that destroy the passive layer that makes the steel stainless.

The welds are treated to restore the passive layer and to avoid further corrosion that could contaminate the food in production.

For food production equipment it’s important to ensure that the weld cleaning process is safe to use in direct or indirect contact with food. And that’s where the NSF certification will guide you! Knowing that a weld cleaning product is NSF certified gives you insurance that the stainless steel welds are treated in a safe way.

Why is Cougartron talking about NSF certification?

We as a weld cleaning and passivation machine provider want to ensure that the food production industry can use our electrochemical weld cleaning fluids safely on their food production equipment.

That’s why we have invested in an NSF-certificate for our Cougartron 550 weld cleaning fluid. This non-dangerous fluid has always been safe to use in the food production industry, but now the food production industry has proof that their production equipment is completely safe after weld cleaning with Cougartron’s 550 weld cleaning fluid.

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