Cougartron product news | Weld cleaning | Monday, 10 July 2023

At Cougartron, we strive to create solutions that make work processes easier, faster, and safer. And that involves listening to customer feedback.

As a result, we have developed the new Mobile Equipment Stand, designed to Conveniently combine your machine, consumables, and accessories on one compact stand, meaning you can easily move them all together around your workshop.

Main features

The mobile equipment stand is vertical in design with a compact footprint and contains space for your machine and all accessories and consumables – from weld cleaning liquids and brushes to power cables and even our FL10 fluid feed unit.

The top of the mobile equipment stand is reserved for your weld cleaning machine – meaning the machine’s control panel is at an ergonomic height.

The four sides are designed to hold all the necessary accessories and consumables required for effective weld cleaning and passivation:

  • The front side contains a pocket for the neutralizer spray bottle, brush holder, and an acid pot.
  • The right side of the mobile equipment stand contains a cable holder and an area for your FL10 fluid feed system (optional).
  • The back side is equipped with a sizeable storage area to hold 2x 5 liters of fluids (neutralizing and weld cleaning electrolytes) or one 5L fluid container together with consumables and spare parts of your choice.

The left side contains a power-in socket and a spare socket to use at your will.

The mobile equipment stand is easily moved around your workshop thanks to the robust acid-free wheels and large grab handle to the rear You can use it effectively both for stationary work and for projects that require greater mobility around the workshop.

Who is the mobile equipment stand for?

Currently, the mobile equipment stand is compatible with the following models – ProPlus, Power30, and Power30x. It is also compatible with two of our discontinued models – InoxPower and InoxMuscle.

You can incorporate it into your stationary weld cleaning setup – or use its mobility to your advantage during tasks that take place in different parts of your workshop and off-site.

If your workshop does not have a designated area for weld cleaning and if your projects include portable and smaller metal parts and components only – you may want to check our mobile workstation with an integrated fluid collection.

How to get more info and purchase the mobile equipment stand?

For more information, you can always reach us via email ( or phone (EU office: +45 43 46 20 10, US office: 404-591-8920). You can also purchase the mobile equipment stand directly through our webshop HERE.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and will be in touch as soon as possible.

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