Cougartron product news | Weld cleaning | Thursday, 08 February 2018

For years, Cougartron has been at the forefront of innovative solutions for safe and effective weld cleaning and passivation.

Our machines – Plus, ProPlus, and InoxMuscle – have continuously proven their value on the market and solved countless problems with oxide removal and surface decontamination.

However, we soon realized that there are still a lot of opportunities left unexplored. Specifically, we wanted to close the gap that existed when it comes to safe, fast, and effective solutions for cleaning and passivation of larger stainless steel welds and surfaces.

Our extensive research and development period ended with the creation of InoxFURY – the most powerful electrochemical weld cleaning machine.

So, how did we do it?

The section below reveals how we harnessed the power of innovative thinking to develop a solution that will bring a true revolution to the welding and weld cleaning sector.

InoxFURY – Why and how?

The story behind the development of InoxFURY has started like all the previous ones. We noticed a production problem faced by many of our customers and partners and we began to work on a suitable solution.

We discovered that plenty of industrial professionals still use wire brushes and pickling paste to clean larger and dirtier welds on bigger constructions and tanks. This is because existing electrochemical machines just could not provide the necessary speed for effective finishing on these large structures.

Scott – our leading development expert – saw the challenge in creating a handheld and easily portable machine with enough strength to effectively and efficiently remove all dirt and oxidation from the welds.

developing Inox Fury

We wanted to create an electrochemical system to replace messy grinders and harmful chemical pickling paste. This would increase the overall work safety and improve working conditions for thousands of welding and weld cleaning professionals worldwide.

Click here to read more about the dangers of the pickling paste

The development process was extremely demanding given that we went through 14 electronic prototypes and 9 different case design solutions to overcome all challenges – and there were a lot of them!

One of the key challenges was related to the high power potency of the machine and as Scott further explained – we needed to figure out how to enable the system to work at a 100% duty cycle without overheating and overloading.

The experience of our development team and extensive testing has helped us to overcome this obstacle in an enviable time frame so we could fully devote our time to the design and user-friendly features that the Cougartron machines are widely known for.

– And the time was well spent!

We managed to include a great number of helpful carrying case features for increased work flexibility:

  • Robust telescopic handle
  • Practical puncture-proof wheels
  • Easy-hold handles for lifting and carrying

The machine electronics is maximally protected in the interior of a completely sealed case which blocks all dust, dirt, and fluids from entering.

With all components included, the weight of the machine is just below 30kg – excellent for a 200 Amp system capable of highly effective cleaning, passivation, and electropolishing!

inoxFURY on wheels


What’s new?

We have also implemented a new variable voltage technology to ensure that different power levels are appropriately used. Lower voltages are used for polishing while oxide removal and passivation require more strength.

The machine is also equipped with an intuitive control panel that can be easily used without taking your work gloves off.

fury control panel

Need more info?

If you need more information about InoxFury or any of our other products, please contacts us anytime at:

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