Weld cleaning | Wednesday, 09 November 2022

Fabtech November 8-10th 2022

This year’s Fabtech is taking place in Atlanta and Cougartron is arriving with brand-new machines for cleaning and electro-polishing stainless steel.

Two new machines launching

We have waited impatiently to share the news about our two new machines.

At Fabtech 2022, we are introducing the Cougartron Power30 and Power30X – two new machines with the latest technology for effective and efficient cleaning with a 100% duty cycle.


Cougartron Power30

power30 tig weld cleaning

With this brand-new weld cleaning machine, you’ll have dual input voltage with an advanced auto-select between 110v and 230v input power at your disposal. The Power30 offers dual output giving you two modes for weld cleaning:

  • Mode 1 is for lower voltage output, e.g. light TIG welds
  • Mode 2 is for higher voltage output, which is great for darker TIG welds or welds with more oxide.
  • The Power30 also has a third option for electrochemical marking.

The Power30 is great for both small and medium production environments and can even be used on-site due to its low weight and ease of transport.

Cougartron Power30X

power30x weld cleaner for tig welds

With the Power30X, you’ll get a highly effective weld cleaner for all types of discoloration and oxidation on stainless steel TIG welds.

The Power30X also provides dual input and dual output, just like its brother – Power30. What makes the Power30X unique is the additional electropolishing mode:

  • Mode 1: lower voltage output for light TIG welds
  • Mode 2: higher voltage for darker and dirtier welds
  • Polishing mode: advanced electro-polishing function for fast and effective polishing on all stainless steel grades
  • Marking mode: fast and easy electrochemical marking and etching.

The Power30X has a 100% duty cycle and therefore runs cooler even after long periods of weld cleaning or electro-polishing.

It provides superior results on all stainless steel TIG welds in both smaller and bigger production environments and gives you complete versatility with its 4 modes.

Find us at stand C11900

At Fabtech, we hope to see lots of customers who can benefit from the Power30 and the Power30X. Come see us at stand C11900 to learn more from our colleagues.

You can also contact us using the form below if you want to learn more about Power30 and the Power30X. We will be in touch with you shortly.


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