Product unboxing | Weld cleaning | Tuesday, 23 April 2019


We are continuing our unboxing series with Cougartron InoxPower, a practical and affordable weld cleaning machine for smaller stainless steel surfaces and TIG welds.

InoxPower is designed for intermittent entry-level weld cleaning and provides a number of benefits to both hobbyists and professional metal fabricators.

The machine effectively removes various contaminants after welding and passivates the surface with ease. However, it is intentionally left without the electropolishing functionality which significantly contributes to its affordability.

InoxPower provides fast, safe, and consistent weld cleaning results but with a fraction of the cost associated with our more powerful models.

Our new video will give you a useful overview of the components included within the InoxPower starter kit and provide several helpful tips on how to utilize them properly.

To learn more about the machine, click below to get all the relevant information about its features and technical specifications: