Marking & Etching | Product unboxing | Wednesday, 25 April 2018


We start our new unboxing series with MK12 – our portable marking & etching machine for conductive metal surfaces – stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, zinc, copper, and even titanium.

The MK12 can be used for product names, serial numbers, model codes, QR codes, logos or any other type of information you need on your metal components.

How does the machine work?

Marking with MK12 is safe and easy – mild electrolytic fluids and a weak electrical current are employed for clear & permanent results.

Electrochemical marking is a perfectly flexible metal labeling method – on and off-site.

Check the video above to see all items included within our MK12 starter pack and learn how to properly connect and operate the machine.

Alternatively, contact us anytime for more information – we are always happy to hear from you!



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