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About VM Tarm a/s

VM Tarm a/s – located in Denmark – is a manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel and aluminum trailers and tankers for the storage and transport of chemicals, manure, gas, oil, food, and drinks.

Weld cleaning, passivation and assembly of stainless steel tankers

Large sub-assemblies used to build tankers are all prepared and assembled in-house. After welding, finished tankers are cleaned thoroughly and effectively to answer strict legal regulations and prevent production delays.

Cleaning and passivation of welds is especially important. All imperfections appearing on stainless steel welds after welding have to be properly sanctioned. This includes different types of discoloration, heat stains, and burn marks.

Stainless steel is naturally highly resistant to corrosion but will often lose its anti-corrosive properties when exposed to the manufacturing environment and contaminants related to industrial treatment – dust, iron, and sulfur particles are just some of the examples.

Passivation reduces the negative effects of the contaminating particles and restores the anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel welds and surfaces.

Production of tankers that hold sensitive materials (chemicals, food, and drink) requires perfectly cleaned and passivated surfaces so no rust contamination occurs. This can be achieved only through proper process management and usage of correct equipment for the application.

How VM Tarm a/s uses Cougartron ProPlus

Electrochemical weld cleaning is a safe and fast alternative to chemical pickling and manual grinding.

However, the equipment used for this process differs in terms of speed, power, work capacity, and overall quality.

Prior to using Cougartron ProPlus, the team at VM Tarm tried several different machines for electrolytic weld cleaning and passivation.

However, these models were inadequate to endure long work hours without experiencing overloading issues. They regularly broke down and caused significant delays in the production process.

How did ProPlus solve this?

The machine provided fast and quality results with TIG/MIG weld cleaning, passivation, and polishing of both stainless steel and aluminum welds and surfaces.

Most importantly, ProPlus did all this without malfunction and overloading issues.

The team at VM Tarm currently uses 9 ProPlus weld cleaners and will continue to invest in new Cougartron equipment to further expand the production capacity and quality.

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