Marking & Etching | Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Electrolytic marking, generally speaking, is quite simple. But there are a couple of things to consider when you decide which electrochemical marking system to choose.

In this short article, we’ll guide you through our three different options, and in the video below you can see Scott Edwards – our Global Sales Associate – explaining the different marking systems available.


What is electrochemical marking?

Basically, electrochemical marking combines electricity and electrolytic liquids to create a mark on any given metal surface using a printed stencil.

It can be done on many types of metals, but the most common is stainless steel. We have different types of fluids available depending on the type of metal you are marking on.

Which machine should I choose?

There are a few key points to consider when choosing the right marking solution for your production requirements. In the section below, we’ll give you more info about the different machines we offer.

  • Cougartron MK12

The MK12 is a lightweight and portable unit – simple to use for many different applications. The machine allows you to choose between manual marking and marking with a timer setting between 0 – 10 seconds. The timer setting is great for creating smaller identical markings. So, if you require repeatability and consistency over hundreds or thousands of marks, this machine will do you justice.

  • Cougartron MK612

The MK612 is a slightly bigger unit with the timer settings available. When compared to the MK12, the main difference relates to the variable voltage technology (6 to 12V) –  The 6V setting is perfect for miniature marks such as smaller QR codes, barcodes, or texts down to 1mm (1/25 Inch) in height. The machine provides excellent results with larger markings as well.

  • Weld cleaning machine for marking

If you already own a Cougartron weld cleaning machine, you can convert it to a functional marking system. For this purpose, you have the Basic marking set at your disposal containing all the necessary accessories – marking head, marking fluid, neutralizing fluid, cloth, and tape to hold your stencil in place.

Which system should I choose?

If you already possess a weld cleaning machine, the choice is obvious. The marking functionality will help you maximize the return on your investment as you only need to acquire an additional etching set.

But if you don’t already own a weld cleaning machine or the one you own is in continuous use, the MK12 is a great addition to any workshop as it will give you the option to simultaneously mark and clean welds and surfaces.

MK612 is designed for more specific tasks – Smaller imprints (QR codes, barcodes) and larger pieces (logos, blocks of text).

If you want to know more about electrolytic marking, feel free to contact us.


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