Marking & Etching | Thursday, 08 September 2022

Are you marking the same text/logo many times? Do you need different and varying small text/logos such as barcodes for your production? Do you need big or small marks on your metal item?

These are the types of questions you should ask yourself when determining which stencil solution to choose.

How do I print my own stencils for metal marking?

If you have many small barcodes with varying content, you might consider a stencil printer of your own. This gives you the opportunity to print your own stencils and use them right away. These stencils are limited in size by the stencil paper and the printer you choose but are a great option for applications where many different designs are needed.

Printing your own stencils gives you the flexibility of not having only 1 stencil design, and it is great for varying text such as part numbers, barcodes, or production dates.

electrolytic marking knife

We have different stencil printers available, and it works simply by designing your stencil in the software you install on your computer. Just like with a normal printer you click print and the stencil is ready for use.

These stencils can only be used once, so if you need to print the same text/logo many times, we recommend ordering a multi-use stencil.

How do I order a custom-made multi-use stencil?

Many of our customers use a multi-use stencil with their company logo to mark their products. The multi-use stencil can be used up to 1000 times when cared for properly by cleaning it thoroughly after each use.

The multi-use stencil is great for manufacturers of any metal products that want to put their logo onto the product. A good example from one of our commercial customers is resellers of ice skates, who mark their logo onto the skates with a multi-use stencil prior to shipping the skates to the customer. With the multi-use stencil, they have an easy process for getting their brand recognized by their customers.

The multi-use stencil is custom-made and can be ordered in virtually any size you want. If you have a design – we can make it a stencil. You simply send us your design as a picture file (for example jpeg, dxf, png) and the preferred size, and we will take care of the rest. You can read more here, or simply write us an email with the instructions for your stencil at

We look forward to helping you with your custom-made stencil.

How do I know which stencil solution is right for me?

Your specific marking needs will determine which stencil solution is right for you. Basically, it narrows down to whether you are marking different text/logos or not. If you are only marking the same text/logo many times, we highly recommend you buy a multi-use stencil. If you are marking varying text/logos, you should consider a stencil printer. This gives you the freedom to print almost any motive onto a stencil to mark with – including your company logo, barcodes, serial numbers, and all other patterns.