Cougartron product news | Weld cleaning | Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Clean welds 3 times faster with the FURY Triple Brush Set!

A powerful weld cleaner like Cougartron InoxFURY can do wonders for your production.

However, you must make sure to unlock its full potential.

One of the ways to achieve this is to use our new FURY 200A brush when treating larger stainless steel welds.

In fact, the FURY weld cleaning brush is designed specifically to maximize the performance of Cougartron FURY when the machine runs at its highest power level of 80-200 amps.

The brush is equipped with dense fibers and a copper crimp for improved current flow and more efficient weld cleaning results.

The brushes (10-pack) and the accessories are supplied in the FURY machine starter set but can also be purchased independently and replaced easily if damaged.

Recently, we have upgraded the FURY Weld Cleaning line with another weld cleaner model, FURY 100, but we have also added an entirely new line of brush accessories specifically designed to use with the Cougartron FURY Weld cleaners and FURY 200 Weld Cleaning Brushes. You can read about it here.

Use multiple brushes at once

With FURY 200 Weld Cleaner, it is a requirement to use three FURY Weld Cleaning Brushes at the same time with the FURY Triple Brush Set. With the FURY 100 model, it is ideal to use 2 brushes at once with the FURY Double Brush Set.
This will speed up your process and provide significant time savings when dealing with longer and dirtier welds.

Watch the use of FURY Triple Brush Set in the video below:

Using three brushes allows you to cover more of the surface with each brushstroke. For example, this comes as a major advantage when cleaning wider MIG welds. (in the video below, you can see how FURY weld cleaner in combination with FURY weld cleaning brush compare to our other machine models when cleaning MIG welds)

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